Some bio mask ideas

echo-predator-bio-mask-3d-model-obj venom-predator-bio-mask-3d-model-obj


Did you design these? My thoughts on them are: they look very well designed but I think they look like non-Predator organic creatures rather than a metal bio-masks for the Predator.

i like the enforcer mask

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I like the second one

Allow me to express outrage on behalf of the gatekeepers due to the intricate design

Im not sure if PS unreal uses normal maps but maybe they can use normal maps?
Basically its like a bump map but it creates the illusion of 3 space on a 2d plane texture but always requires a light source for it to show.

Those masks look like there from Skyrim

Playstation is still in the 2-d era

Death to organic biomasks.

Ridiculously over-designed and don’t look like they remotely belong in the Predator universe. Look more like DC villains from a Snyder movie.

I’m gonna leave this here


Are these of your own design?

If so - impeccable work, man!

They’re cool masks but they don’t look like they would be used by predators but by demons. They look like if the pred were hunting in Skyrim .

I was going to say Doom.


It would be fucking criminal if they didn’t release this mask in the game

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The third one, I need that mask!!

They’re not his designs. The OP has a habit of posting work by others and not crediting the source. Third or fourth time he’s done this now.

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They look like Pred’s into heavy metal.

Bummer, man.

To demonic, this is better