Some logic perks ideas Illfonic SHOULD had to the game

Hey guys, I have some Ideas for new perks that could be added in the game
Fireteam :
-Overclock : increase sniper rifles’s rate of fire

-Survivalist : increase last man standing bonuses

-Last Will : Allow you to suicid yourself with an exposive that damage the predator when he long claim you (like Nikolai in Predators) NEED AN EXPLOSIVE GEAR LIKE GRENADE !

-Flasher : Increase flashbangs effective area

-Droner : Increase drone effective area

-If it bleed… : allow you to spot predator blood on the map

Predator :

-Hurried : Increase Predator Speed

-Jungle walker : Supress the step noise when shifting and reduce predator steps sounds

-Virtuosity : Increase heavy melee attack speed

-Overclocked : Increase range weapons fire rate

-Fatal : Add 5 percent of chance to do a critical hit that instantly takes the target down

-Poisoned blade : Add a poison effect to the target ( only with weapons with a blade : wristblades, elder sword, katana and smart disc (melee attack only)) which disturbs the ft vision during a few moment like the poison in Predators

-Continuous pain : Increase the bleeding and burning time of the target

-Drone : Allow thermal vision with the smart disc

-Automatic aim : add an aiming module to the plasma caster that automatically lock targets (this one should be very expensive like 6 or even 7 perks points)

-Discreet eater : Supress the pigs sounds when you eat them


Totally Jungle Walker is needed, I’d love that.

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Hahah, haha, hah. NO.

I like this. Definitely a 4 point perk.

Nice, but it would have to be any claim, not just long claims. 5 points

I like that. 2 points, and maybe change the name to “disruptor”

Nice. Another 2 point perk. I would say auto spots blood in a 90 degree cone out to 50m.


glad to see you like these ideas 🤣

Loved the concept.
Would need some thinking and working about that, bit the idea is there.

Increasing the fire rate if snipers would make things…very bad. No

Rather change Last Man Standing as a whole rather than waste a perk to buff it. Put my thoughts out on this repeatedly.

Love the suicide claim, so long as it’s a real suicide, do it before reinforcements, you don’t come back. That just fair to me.

Think flash bangs and drones are fine as is.

Bleed spot would be cool so long as it’s in a cone like @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK said.

Pred side, again leave fire rate alone.

That critical hit one? No way, even if it could be made and not bugged, way too much drama with that idea.

No need for thermal with smart disc, christ you’d be stuck on invisible hit boxes all day long

Automatic aim? Only if you can’t charge the caster and reduce the current rate of fire. Otherwise that’s a little much.


Yeah increase fire rate of plasma caster and bow pls.

I really think it’s a good idea to add thermal vision to smart disc, cause i’ve missed too much throw because I didn’t see where my target was.

It’ll be a lot worse with thermal. The disc gets stuck a lot already getting too close to things. Now imagine it in thermal where you can’t clearly see the terrain

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Thermal Vision won’t help, use 1 disc to scout (and possibly damage) then the next disc to do damage.

Fatal sounds like the most volatile perk possible hahah

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Time to wait for the devs to not add these

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Add to the list of perks one that ignores the majority of a trap radius. Five points.

I definitely think they need a perk for faster stim healing for Fireteam too, if they aren’t going to do a complete rework of it. As a Predator it’s so easy to just go off and grab a heal, even if the pigs are being stubborn. Needs to be three or four points.

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Ho yeah I forgot a perk that reduce the beartraps sound !

FT Perk - Speed up Mission countdown timers

Pred Perk - Slow down Mission countdown timers

I think that’s not a good idea, no one will use it cause it’s a little bit useless.

Useless how? If I was FT I wouldn’t want to be tied to a location for 3 minutes waiting for a scan to run while a Pred is busy picking us off. Likewise, if I was Pred, I would like to tie the FT to a location for longer.

You can already do that!

First one - make old perks good
As example:Combine 3 pred Trees based perks in one (Climb speed, run speed and dmg reduction)

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Plasma caster is already powerful with its splash damage. If we add auto aim to it… I just think it’s too much. I mean, I’d absolutely love it, but feels out of balance, doesn’t it?

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