Some players spot you easy...

Now im on a PC and I am decent, i struggle to see the pred when he is still and totally stealth. how is it that some people can see you instantly, even if you have been standing in 1 spot for ages. its like they see something…

Im not saying everyone that does is cheating, i refuse to believe so many people are that bad sports and so lame they cheat. So what is it?

If you are one of those players (usually on PC) how are you spotting the predator so easily when hes already secured a location and is still and totally invisible?

Is there some kind of graphical artifiact that you see?
Are you using the sound and then spamming the E key and hoping for the best?

I can understand when its moving its easy to see and spot. but i dont understand how when iv been sat there a few mins and they all walk past then suddenly one shoots at me.

It must be audio or a visual glitch because i dont think everyone cheats.

Also , are some people putting all their options into the lowest setting and does that remove some foliage making the predator stand out more or something like used to happen in games where you could effectively remove grass while anyone on higher settings cant see through the grass?

If thats the case that needs looking into. even just replacing far bushes with 2d sprites when its on low. it needs to hide the predator the same regardless of what details a person uses. Max detail should look better but not give a disadvantage.


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I just lure the pred to me Perrie his hits we surround him and he’s dead

yeah thats not what i asked or talking about lol.

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Yea this shit happened to me several times n I’m on the PS4…like wtf!? Some matches they don’t see you at all n then other matches they see instantly


One thing I noticed is that the PC graphics can be much higher then console. I have no problems spotting the predator from miles away. Especially in tree’s, because you can see leafes falling, and the branch will move if you land on it. And bird flying away when you walk near them. It also takes 2 seconds before you are completely invisible after you moved. My tip is, stay low. And move alot. Dont use the tree’s as much. I only use them too pop a shot, and too get stuck in animation when I dont intend too jump on them. xD
And I forgot the useage of sound. The predator is still extremely loud, especially when you cloak. I barely use it, unless im further away from the marines. Ive tried shooting spots randomly when I hear him, and it works every time.

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Yeah dude it’s frustrating

Fireteam cant spot you while you stay at position and dont move.

I’ve sat in a spot for 30 seconds and a ft member walks up on me and starts shooting. PC players too

I’ve been spotted numerous times, crouched, and invis.

Example: look at the dude with the knife. Staring dead at me while not moving

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If you are cloaked you generate A LOT of noise, I mean FREAKING GOD DAMNIT MASSIVE AMOUNT. It is also nicely direction too, allowing you to exactly pin point the location of the pred.

If you want to sneak up, dont use cloak.
If you want to engage but not be as visible, use it.
Cloak can sometimes be harder to see on brighter backgrounds (sky).
But really, anyone with a bit of gaming experience will pin point your location if you sit cloaked nearby and will indeed light you up.

Personally, I dont cloak as much as Scout, whilist getting closer to the FT, where I can harass them with a bow, disc if they happen to be hiding inside or plasma caster if they do group up in a obscured location (aoe). Only using cloak if engaging them and needing to lose the aggro by standing still and letting them run past me so I can retreat or just to create a bit of chaos.

fix it

This is a hack on PC right now allowing the Fireteam to outline the Predator in a red glow thats supposed to be used for NPCs.
So I’ve turned crossplay off until this is fixed. I suggest others do the same if they can


I will tell you how it is when i usually play as fireteam with full team of pc players, almost all of them ive played with kept spotting as much as they could if they heard predator growling or cloaking sounds or vision until they finally spot him and melt his health in first 5 min… And lately all they play with is grenade launcher and 50cal semi sniper rifles…

Doing the same. I know it is not good for the accumulated number of potential team members or opponents, but I find it so damn frustrating.

Thats not a hack.
If you ADS for a while over uncloaked predator, he will be highlighted in red, just like NPCs.

Stop spreading your paranoid misinformations, you make other people’s tin foil hats tremble in fear over completely nothing.

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It’s not paranoia, it’s legit, I had the same issue, so I turned off cross play. One or a few people ruining the game for everyone.

I have had my sights on a predator for more than 5 seconds because I was shooting at him. He didn’t light up at all. I’ve never seen him light up red.
This is all info I’ve gotten from a PC player. Others have been reporting the same.

Just bc you haven’t seen it, and calling it paranoia without hearing us out, is arrogant and unjustified. I had 3 videos of it. I can assure you its VERY REAL.

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Makes no sense if preds in cloak.

The whole point of the camo is to be camo and to jump out whenever.

If I stealth it and crouch walk up to the team you bet your damndest I want to not be seen if I’m using a damn alien cloak lmao.

Seems like a hack to be bruv unless you are a pc player using this tactic…

I’m sometimes lucky enough to look somewhere and see the cloaking, but not instantly, takes me a few secs to realize .It rarely happens tho. Other times I just wanna have fun and blast every tree I see , just for the laughs (but using sniper rifle is on a whole different level, you can’t just run around , turn the sniper rifle in one certain direction and immediately see the cloaked predator, that’s just… no.)