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FT Vision should be what uses energy, not thermal.


I was just thinking that this morning. Thermal is their default vision, after all. It should be locked on after the mask is lost as well (or even the highly red-tinted version we see in the movie).

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Its a pred game. Fire or tossing a thermal decoy should be huge but thermal just exists to toggle on for 2 seconds to get big red wallhack diamonds and then toggle it off so you can see and hear everyone around you screaming that theyre mudding up.

ya ya its technically a nerf to pred and a buff to thermal & audio decoys w/e.

Release a class with thermal as default vision.

I still don’t understand why predators in movie had different vision colors without mask and how they were navigating without mask

They have shitty infrared dinosnake vision by default.

The biomask just enhances it. Like personalized glasses/goggles. It helps filter out the noise from our environment because their planet’s hotter and closer to its sun(s) than Earth.

That sounds fair.
Would be cool if it’s a better version or something.

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Consensus reached

add it now @OldKingHamlet

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Hoooooooo… boy… Just what this game needs!
An even more handicaped technologically / biologically “superior” alien species than it already is in the game.
So many decades have passed since 1987, humans have managed to reverse engineer Predator tech, but Predators still can’t figure out how to locate people that are covered in mud.

They can’t find someone covered in mud without perks because the game doesn’t use the other vision modes. We’ve seen them on film, we’ve seen how they work, we know the Predator can actively program it. The very first sequel (Predator 2) shows City Hunter doing that. But the game is based on the first movie and as a result the game does the classic thermal and nothing else.

Okay so the Predator receives a massive handicap and we just ruin our tvs and monitors by playing this game!!!
Thats fair!!!

Ft on the other hand now no longer have magical health potions that heal them!
Ft can only heal with med kits!

Ft are able to be stealth killed at 50% health

Ft can not be “picked” up! Nope if a ft player is “downed” if you want to “heal” them requires a medic to do a 10 second interaction to stop bleeding and splint up and broken bones!

And that Ft player that was downed can no longer run!!!

Also no more hitscan weapons

Only if they increase the black and blue contrast for the environment. Currently you can’t see shit in thermal.

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In my opinion they probably program it to specifically track their prey’s body heat, marking everything else as blue, but not hotter and colder objects in the environment.

Not to mention how muxh strain this would put on our tvs!!

I plyer siege for a year and a half and the constant switching back in for between plyer vision and the cameras caused massive dead pixels in my tv

Yeah that too. I think thermal being the alt vision mode is fine where it is, but on the off chance that this somehow gets implemented, pred will need some buffs.

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And ft some massive nerfs

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It needs a revamp anyways it looks too clean.
AvP2010 had a much better looking thermal.


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