Spotting should be removed!

Spotting should be removed! What do you think about it? Newbies don’t even use it and good players abuse the s… out of it.

I’ve used to play this game once it was released and I came back to what’s new lately… and oh boy they still didn’t remove spotting? If FT is any good with pre-made team with support dmg reduction and field medic, Dante tank… it’s already enough… but they still have spotting ability and even perks for prolonged spotting… then it’s always going to be FireTeam: Hunting Grounds.

There is not so many hiding places for Predator in this game and “with all this clicking and shit” = sounds you are making… it’s very easy to figure out where to shoot and spam spotting… then essentially making you easiest target possible. With low graphics, instant bullet travel and snipe scope zoom you can spot and snipe Predator through whole map.

Absolute savage move lately was when I matched with Psychobabas alone and nobody was joining. There were just three bots in his team… he had the nerve to try to humiliate me and oh boy it was actually close match. Although I won, it was harder win for me than 90% matches I play.

One Psychobabas in team means hard to win.
Two Psychobabas in team means very hard to win.
Three Psychobabas in team means impossible to win.
Four Psychobabas in team means impossible to survive.

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It’s funny you think that’s the only good player.
It’s even funnier you think that’s the worst of it.

Games dead and only no life’s play this still.
Go play something better.

If it’s dead why you browse forums and answer these questions? Where did I say he is only good player I know? I just use him as metric.

Topic is spotting… if you have nothing to add you can move along.


The forums aren’t even about the game, they’re about me!

Ey bitch. If you didnt wanna be here when people actually played, that’s your own fault.
So shut the fuck up with that one.

Second, the people still here are just looking for the entertainment that really only happens here.

Third, nah fuck you.

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You really seem such a nice guy!

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hes lame.

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Are you talking if there was 4 recons with tracker?

That would be painful

Kaka babapshico…heckar

you are kaka. kaka man. Wipe your mouth when you eat shit!

Pictograma Verificată de Comunitate

your friends on discord told me that you fucked your mother in the ass…ja ja ja

Fire… it has returned as prophesied, the sacred thread reincarnated but for FT instead of Predator.
TaRgEt iSoLAtIoN iS SpO0n FeEDiNg!!1!1!


What if it’s only like 1 or 2 hunts a week.

Sometimes, I just have to smash a random Fireteam when DbD pisses me off.

I dont think anyone should play still, but that’s whatever. I mean more the constant players.

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Wtf was that… some spanish guy ate too much mushrooms? :D

Hello baby 👋

Your squad should train more… you couldn’t catch me… Psychobabas even got knocked out… :D