Still holding out hope for a Harrigan Fireteam DLC...

Armed with a melee smart disc…

Although the Predator 2 30th Anniversary that has come and gone was a big missed opportunity for that. 😒


I would bet, that OWLF is the final Fireteam DLC.

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This thread feels like i’m chewing the gum slowly until it no longer tastes like it used to.

I hope not. Dutch was a great addition to offset those Predator wait times.

Plus! Harrigan! The baddest ass in the Predator movies. (Yeah I’m a huge fan, read my Predator 2 Fan Comic: PREDATOR 2 30th Anniversary Fan Comic

But even Royce from Predators can add some much needed excitement! Or give us a 87 Dillon or Billy! Something!


They could add the movie Royce as well as the comic Royce (were he has Predator armor)

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And Isabelle too even. If I was a Dev, another lore Fireteam addition would have come a lot sooner than say a Viking Predator, that’s for sure! Fireteam needs more than a Double Dutch!

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How the hell did I forget about Isabelle, she would make a great addition to the game


She definitely would.

I’m certain they can have voice talent sound alikes do the voice work, but I wonder if they would have to pay these actors for their likeness rights.

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There is no telling

Waiting for my boi Dutch 1000

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Again I think that Dutch is our Dutch’s great nephew

They Could also make a brand new original FT member

We’ll have plenty of chances down the line to get original characters

Also there are plenty of characters to pull from the comics like Enoch Nakai…


Don’t forget about the novels
I’m sure there are some good ones in there

Yes they would they could only say “game preserve FT” or “chosen ones”. Then from there they can add similar hair color and other presets to customize to the likeness.

It is him read his bio

Cybernetic Dillon perhaps?

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It only said Major Dutch Schaefer so it could be a member of the Schaefer family named after Dutch

Similar to that one episode of Futurama were Fry’s brother names his son Philip J. Fry II