Suggetion For Next Udpate And Last DLC In The Game !

Suggetion For Next Udpate And Last DLC In The Game !

Probaly Hunting Party Pack 3 AVP And New Equipement Shuriken and New Map

Next DLC should be a FT class based of illfonic’s CEO. His signature gun should be a big dick that shoots cum and prevents enemies from moving


The next dlc should be a story mode

I think you mean ‘prevents all audio from playing, with a 50% chance to spawn 3 more ft bots or instantly blue-screen the game’.

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The next DLC should be someone firebombing all of illfonic’s offices and killing all of their childeren.

You’re just as racist as Jelou

Ah yes
Killing the childeren of a shitty game company’s employees is racist lol

The next update should be Illfonic announcing Predator moving to another developer.


Fix bugs

I agree

Wouldn’t it be great if we got the three from AVP it also included the sound effects from that movie as well?

Fix bugs and gameplay/interactions to make them mode fluid.
That should have been patch 1.01

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It’ll be Celtic and nothing else

but for memes i would like the Avp Smart disc skin that’s been in the files for 2 years now and that one reference for the air support ft class i’d like that too i want to call in a AC130 and murder preds from orbit

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He will still miss the Feral after Celtic.

The AVP predators use the classic roar. So Illfonic doesn’t actually have to change sound FX. Now that doesn’t excuse Wolf, but Celtic can use Jungle Hunter’s.

Honestly next update we should get the AVP Elder as another level unlock. Celtic and said Elder use mostly the same outfit.

I think, the one with the best skin in AVP 1 is Chopper

The next is nolan

Nolan, Royce and Feral.
After that, we are good.