Summer Vacation

Forgot to mention in the patch notes they’re on vacation. Threw us a map and Isabelle and took off to Bora Bora.

Meanwhile not a word on some of the more persistent and game breaking bugs (sound bug, no fire bug, loadout bug for steam). No balance changes what so ever (which…honestly may not be a bad thing?) Not even a measly shader??

I’m just in shock is all…jesus…


Did it stop you from buying the skin?


Did you buy it? Dont lie caddy


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Then zip the shit up 😆 , you showed them how you wont accept shoddy service 🙄


Dipshit , at least we can grind the xp level while they are away? 🤔

Isabelle looks great not going to lie. And that snipers hits pretty hard. Only had one match but did 3500 damage quickly lol

Ps. Love the falconer helmet she wears on her back along with berserker neck piece

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I cant be mad at you , I love the predator IP aswell

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First game looking at the new map? Disconnected with the heartbeat failure that onion had for weeks

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That’s Illfonic!

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It gave me a giggle and then I turned it off , cant even be angry 😆


Part of me hopes it was a fluke for the players sake , but part of me is smiling and hoping it wasn’t.

Have fun looking at your skin in the customisation menus 😏

Oh I make it fun don’t you worry 😉


Shit! Not what I meant! NOT WHAT I MEANT.

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At least they can afford it

That has to be a good sign right?

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