Support 20% damage reduction to allies works regardless of proximity

So I tested one more time in privates something that I have been told that the Support 20% damage reduction to allies works regardless of proximity and even if the support is dead. And yeah it does.

Like permanent 20% reduction to all as long as a Support is in the fireteam. Is this as intended ? Hilarious, even a dead support can still support the fireteam, you don’t even need to play the game to give the ft an advantage as support, you can be literally do it as a corpse. If its bugged using Support counts as an exploit pretty much.




Amazing how you can be 100 meters away from the corpse of the support and you still get dmg resistance from it.


You can’t count playing as a class as using an exploit. If they’re using it specifically to benefit from the glitch sure but playing support thick skin LMG casual player isn’t an exploiter. Neither is the hardcore FM support main.

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Same can be said about using bugged specs if the person isn’t aware of it, or didn’t specifically caused it themselves. Fanatic, enraged (this one is bad even bugged).

Or same counts for using the bugged axe. Most random melee preds aren’t aware its stacking dmg even while missing attacks.

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Games perfect be grateful.


Then the same applies

Sounds like… Bad game

Time to riot. Let’s raid Illfonic. Fix game.

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Usually games get better after release but phg is just fucking sad I’d honestly rather play fucking 2042 over this shit at least it’s fucking game mechanics are functional




I’m not sure that any of the admins actually see the bug reports here


@Savage3i3 @jasonth13elder @ScOp_StUrMi @Cptclutch117
Now do you guys understand why I hate playing with Bravo and Snippety all the time lol. Literally it’s so pathetic though especially when Infinite joins in and I have to fight multiple Leaders and Fanatics with a total of 80 FUCKING PERCENT DAMAGE REDUCTION!!!

They always say “oooo it’s just for fun” “If you don’t use Disc we won’t use it” but here’s the thing, it’s not fuckin fun for me is it. Plus theyll still use fucking Supports and Dantes with Leader, Fanatic and Field Medics regardless of whatever the hell I do. I could run in with a War Club and they’d second wind me and then say “oooo good shit guys” or if I get a down on yet another bastard and they get him up with Field Medic and they’re still like “Good shit” when it’s the easiest fucking thing to do in the game. The guy who just got picked up from the Medic literally survives a Combistick throw straight after getting picked up from the increased Medic health and 80 PERCENT DAMAGE REDUCTION from the FULL TEAM OF SUPPORTS.

What a wonderfully balanced game
I might end up buying a mouse and keyboard sooner or later just to exploit tf out of the DPI on the Disc to 360 the Supports all at once.

Fireteam Hunting Grounds…


To be honest I played with both of them so much
But bravo is so much better
Like everytime me or my brother played against snippety he was using Recon 9 scnd or support field medic
Like he’s playstyle is feeding good players actually
They are both my friends but it’s so annoying that somebody just use broken classes in private match


Here’s a fun fact
A PC player told me this a few days ago 😂
I’m not gonna say his name , but he was actually trying to nerf me by banning the disc on based PS4
He used Dante field medic with pdl and after I told him why you doing this he said “then don’t use the disc” 😂😂😂


I mean at least Bravo will try and play with the Sniper sometimes but if he does he usually plays Dante. I’ve lost count of how many times he gets 0 damage though.

Snippety almost always gets some damage but I genuinely haven’t seen him play anything in Privates other than Recon with 9 second spot and as soon as you come near him he just throws smokes and thermals and then runs away to one of you guys. Or he plays Dante or Support. Always LMG, grenade launcher or Mercenary 87 and just gets all the damage from grenades. And don’t forget, always, ALWAYS, PDLs.

Both really nice guys don’t get me wrong but absolute dicks to play with I’m sorry


Wow. Disc on base PS4 is handicapped to say the least and then its a PC DANTE FIELD MEDIC with PDLs who’s telling you to stop using it?

I’m sorry but whoever that is, he’s a moron. Case closed. There’s no fairness at all. Always the double standards and people looking for easier wins when they already have every advantage they could ask for.

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Guys, the game is perfect. Illlfonic is a small company they’re trying their best


What admins?

I don’t understand why people complain about bugged classes or weapons used against them, when they also use bugged weapons or classes.


I just hate it when people are hypocritical and have double standards all the time. I mean I’ll be honest I don’t respect anyone who uses Dante or Support on a frequent basis at all as a player. For example you have people like Ultimax who plays Dante Field Medic with PDLs and yet he straight away says as he joins the lobby “I don’t respect you if you use the Bow, Plasma Caster or Battle Axe” and you can tell he’s probably never even played as the Predator and honestly if you play Dante then you deserve to die in the way you least favor. I mean come on the Bow is the hardest/second hardest Predator weapon to use in the game, the Plasma Caster takes more skill to use due to spacial awareness and knowledge of splash damage areas and its a projectile, and the Axe isn’t even OP and if you’re a good enough organised Fireteam you can easily outdamage an Axe player.

I also don’t care if people use Glitched loadout specs unless its Field Medic or multiple Leaders and Fanatics. There is also no bugged Predator Specialisation that can give them an unfair advantage against the Fireteam anyway.