Support has finally ended

Seems like they shutdown the matchmaking servers and now is all p2p like F13

Game’s dead, finally. Only hope now is that someone picks it up and continues to support it for a few more years


Post screenshot

You just need to queue up to notice

Everyone who tried playing last night was either getting 300+ ping, empty lobbies, constant disconnections, bugged lobbies and there’s no time estimate for matches anymore

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At least it was just on sale in psn again , thats got to be a plus?

I played last night, everything was fine

Except the occasional bluescreen

There’s so much going on in public matches, and I don’t know anything. My friends and I play a private match, everything works there)

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One of the players in the lobby is the host, there’s no connecting to the servers.
I wrote about this, this morning in discord, 'cause I queued up for a couple of matches.
In two matches I had no ping, meaning I was the host of the match. In other matches, other players were hosts. Because of this, in most matches I had ping like 300-400 and was teleporting all over the place.

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Yeah I decided to play fireteam with friends just for shits and giggles and everything was fine

can you post the discord please?

It’s my friend’s discord if you wanna join.

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if you are all in the same region, private matches are okay

when you have 5 people all from different continents, is a serious problem, kinda like what’s happening on pubs right now.

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Usually just me and the American bois

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Sometimes there are problems with some players, but basically everything is fine.

@OldKingHamlet any official words about it?

At the current state game is unplayable.
Can confirm what Fromthehood said.

No more connection to servers, just p2p connection which means the host has 0 ping and the others can get from 120 to >400 ping. If the host player leaves for some reason, all the lobby crashes to main menu.
I find this lack of communication from the devs side pretty surreal.
They basically killed the game, at least the PC version, without saying anything.

Ppffff… Good luck in getting an answer.

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I turned the servers off


A late Christmas present…thank you

Are public servers still working on PS network?

Not much of a hope, with what they’ve been left to work with XD