Support has finally ended

crossplay is completely off ATM, steam and epic players cannot play together

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worls 4 me but i’m hooking with PC only.
ps quit

pc/console crossplay has been broken for a while
now is broken even PC/PC (steam/epic)

so if you are on steam you’ll only get steam players and if you are on epic you’ll only get epic players


what do you mean by “works for me”? are you aware that the public servers are down and you only connect peer to peer?

The game is still 40€ both on Epic Store and Steam… this is hilarious… imagine buying this game full price just to discover that it only has p2p crossplay off connection with > 400 ping average LOL

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it means I can still play with anyone around the world still.
But only on my platform and possibly some people eventually lose connection once the game starts.
im just stating what i know,I’m not making an assumption that Illfonic has ended Support or that game is being stopped. I don’t have enough information. Talking to you is like talking to an eternal hate machine. So i’ll just wont.

I launch the game once today in the last 3 months just to test, already you give me beef.

Technically p2p is a form of matchmaking. If its bugged, just say its bugged. No need to be so fucking specific. For god sakes its only been a day and Samhain and friends are pissed off…

Stop being knee jerked JelouGaming @JelouGaming

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So, I’m watching some twitch streaming right now, game works fine even for PC players if the host of the party is PSN.


Is that why I’ve been getting a message saying I was kicked because the host has left the game? This started recently. No more match servers?

If the host leaves the game all other players get kicked out

So it is pretty much over. This game is infested with rage quitters.

you all deserve it for still playing this garbage piece of shit


The game was just in the January sale on psn , its in almost every playstation sale , so they must be selling plenty of copy’s still

Thanks everyone for buying all DLC!
Btw guys, it’s 75% off on Steam atm, go get it!



Even before this server situation, people were stupid to buy their lazy ass skins . The best part is that the servers probably pay for themselves , they used amazon servers that adjust to the amount of players so they only pay for what is needed . I’m guessing the active players have dropped so low that it isn’t financially viable . The skins were the writing on the wall and people still paying money into it with zero bug fixes…idiotic.

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Bye Bye Preraror ?? I was going to go back to the jungle!!

Fantasma! our Messiah !
Only you can save us!

But as long as they pay for servers to host PSN games, why don’t they open them for PC community as well… makes no sense at all

Me. Mojo I know that you can create your own server and from there you invite your friends, you can also publish it, for example. here, and whoever wants it enters

Private games boring… I want to kill random people :D

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