Support has finally ended

if you create a server… can’t anyone connect? and be able to play even if you’re not playing,

Well by the sounds of it they aren’t even paying them for console players? The cross play had been acting weird for months anytime I jumped on for a look

public games work fine on PSN network


That sucks for pc players

Yeah its on sale right now on steam until february 2… Illfonic got some nerve.

What’s going on? Who sold the game to?

You sound like my friend after he wakes up to a fire alarm at 3:48 in the afternoon with a hangover

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Game is not ending. @Tony-Pope is making fake twitter posts

I do not understand what you mean???

game is not ending

I can’t log in to play… I have internet…

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that’s because the game is temporarily down for “maintenance”

I understand…Fix the game?Change something modify

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It’s unlikely they will do anything really important. Probably just break the game even further. But they did do “something.” Check patch notes category


If only

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we’re back in business… camoun baeeeeebeeee

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Illfonic would be too proud to admit that the game has faults. They’d be like, ‘we got this’, and then release a skin or two, while having an ear to ear grin on their faces.


If fuckin Elon musk got people to work on this tho…

This game

Would be



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I don’t doubt that. The core idea is good. All it needs is fixes, content and ‘cough’ balance.