Systematic racism strikes again

A 29 year old black guy was killed by five cops, this shit needs to end .

BLM rioting against racism in peaceful protests , when will systematic racism end?

Thought the cops were all black tho?


They were

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Is it really racist then? Or is it just america?

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It is disproportionate that black folk find themselves more in these situations.

I wonder if things charged in policing considering that if things get out of hand when confronting black folk, it could could be trouble for officers involved and the department. I wonder if cops try to avoid those encounters more or if they don’t do as much initially for the stated reason and then things can really get out of hand. Maybe even black folk realize this and can push the like a bit more as to what they can do.


I think you hit the nail in the head , you have a demographic of people that have been told they are victims and they then think it can justify a lot of what they do . Play stupid games and win stupid prizes .


Didn’t they, like, say that they couldn’t figure out why the dude was pulled over in the first place and then one one of the bodycams, didn’t someone say ‘this is fun’?

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Did a tally see the vid, but the main problems in these situations is cops who are too emotional and suspects who won’t follow the rules. Both can be fixed, theoretically .

On local news a guy asked for a cops ID because the cop cut him off while making a traffic stop. Then guy was arrested for obstruction of justice. Then charges were dropped a week or two after. Cops are too full of themselves at times.


The union folk mentality is a dark place. It involves mob mentality. this includes anything from public transit, public education, police services, health services, construction industry… Id prefer not to talk about it. I’ll just need to watch it in the new season of True Detective.

truely black men are targeted regardless of whether it was by a black men themselves. If black men are in unions for political reasons, consider them on the same ticking time bomb as that politician who shot himself on live tv.


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We’re doomed as a species


100% true , I have seen it myself here . The fact cant be ignore that more white people are wrongfully killed by police though , they make up a higher percentage of the population in America but the smaller percentage of black people commit more crime against whites (rather than vice versa) and against other blacks . At this point I think its a culture thing and the interjection of victim mentality was just a powder keg ready to go bang .

Right now there are a fuck load of culture problems in the UK, in London there is literally areas controlled by Albanian gangs , they run estates and you can rent a gun for hire 😄

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Yeah, when white folk get mistreated by cops, noone goes all defend the police. There are some bad apples, but the system works up to whatever standard.

Not against immigration, but if those folks commit violent crimes or munny scams they should be deported. Gotta set an example for others

Well they do a bit of everything, they have practically taken over whole estates

It’s intersting how people supposedly leave a worse situation for a country that give opportunity to succeed fairly, but still turn to crime because it’s not the country that’s the problem, it’s because of who they are.

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Why we have to talk about racism every single day on the forum?

Its more the lack of racism in this case , its just ironic

Apparently there is talk of this kid had actually had an affair with one of the officers wife

If that’s the case, then there’s a different motive. Whatever the reason, i hope justice is served.

Well his mother stood up and said “I am disappointed that African Americans done this to another African american” , she brought up race and the media are crying that they weren’t white and I guess she isn’t up to date with statistics, its mostly black on black .

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