Systematic racism strikes again

Because fuck if we’re gonna talk about the actual game lmao
And since everyone’s so touchy about it, it’s fun to see people rage.

There’s plenty of black in black crime in predominantly black neighborhoods. Nothing new there. This case may be an exception, but the problem in general is that suspects/criminals resist and some cops lose they’re cool. Sometimes cops lose they’re cool cause they are having a bad day or whatnot. That’s not too different from any other person, but the consequences could be different, like getting severy beaten or killed.


Batonguy mastered the police brutality bodycam-obscuring-sidestep like this was calculated and not just an emotional spergout.

It wasn’t a panicked reaction like most of the cops that end up shooting druggies.

Guy was on the ground and they were throwing haymakers at him and curbstomping the guy like he owed them money.
Like those STOP RESISTING memes.

I’d believe it

The machete fight gang wars coming out of the UK are wild

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Damn, that takes my back to my Papau New Guinea days… man, that was some shit XD

I meant to say that i didn’t watch it. Now i have watched it.

Supposedly he was stopped for reckless driving, but it wasn’t even on the side of the road; it was at a traffic light. The way the cops initially approached the car with guns drawn and didnt even state the offense, seemed way to excessive for reckless driving. Should be easy to confrm with whiteness.

Even though the excess aggression, the cops didnt beat Nichols initially, so there was no need for him to run. He should have let them handcuff him and take him to the station where the situation would have been resolved, i hope. The way cops protect other cops from wrongdoing may still have led to temporary incarceration, but he would not be hurt, supposedly.

As for the beating later on and eventual death, it did seem like it was more premeditated than not. The didn’t intend to kill him, but still should be charged as if the did, because they did intent to severely beat him which could have lead to death. I’d give them 30-40 years so they miss the best years of their life.

This unless he knew the guys in which case it was targetted and he knew he was screwed either way.

& they all were like twice his size so he probably figured he had a decent chance of getting away from donut cops.

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That’s a possibility. Maybe he thought that it would be safer for him in public than in a squad car. Plus, how come there were 5 cops in one spot. Usually there’s no more than 2. Definitely suspicious.

I hope all of this is flashed out and the courts make the right decision.

Edit: initially there were only two cops; others came later.

That sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Not a traffic ticket or something similar, but you should lose the right to be a non citizen in any country if you’re being violent or committing major financial crimes.

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There are some illegals that are now in the UK that turned out to have committed multiple murders , then when they came here they killed again . There is talk of moving all illegals to Africa I think it was but they are fighting and saying it breaches their human rights . Right now the government are renting out full hotels to fill them with the people that paid 14k to be smuggled into Britain. I’m all for letting people better their life , but that isn’t what is happening and it is an invasion of thugs

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If they commit crimes, their human rights should be suspended. Why should they be respected if they don’t respect human rights of others.

This is why communists aren’t people

I doubt there are true communists left. Their ideals fall through pretty quickly when confronted with a serious argument. The system just doesn’t work financially and crime and degradation are part of it.

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Only ironic commies and revisionist commies left in their attempts to confront a serious argument

But can they really show that communism can work or is their whole argument centered around finding faults with capitalism?


Same as anarchism, hedonism, and similar limp wristed ideologies that revolve around people doing whatever they want all the time.

Idealism with no substance appeals to useful idiots and that’s where it ends.

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One could argue that that is why americans aren’t people. Fix your own shit before bagging someone else’s. Democracy is as critically fucked as communism, fascism, and all the other broken-ass political ideologies that don’t do what they’re supposed to.

I do whatever I want all the time, and I strongly encourage you to try it before you knock it. It’s 100% the life. Purposelessness was the best thing that ever happened to me lol
As soon as you realise people cannot enforce things such as laws, codes and religious morals without fear and deception, you can begin working your way to ignoring fear and seeing past deception. Once you do that, you begin to see that all the purposes that humans give each other is a load of semantic, abstract and frankly quite pathetic bullshit.
Once you’ve achieved that sort of vision, you can begin to ponder other existential matters, but not before, otherwise your perception will be warped by what’s engrained into your brain from day one, and possibly even genetically. In fact, my lack of knowledge on that statement is a perfect example: I would be prevented from conducting research by raising childeren completely free of morals and abstract rules, and instead focused on rules of survival, to see how it affects them when weaned into society. If they immediately revert to following what they’re told by others, it would be genetic. However, I would be prevented from doing that simply because it’s ‘unethical’ or ‘immoral’.

I’m racist against humans

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Democracy/capitalism is a work in progress. Communist is what it has always been. The only changes it made was as an extension of democracy/capitalism (social benefits, china’s economy)

See, you can indulge in purposefulness only because you live in a world build on laws, culture, morals and such. Without society, you would have the education, time or resources to do so. So while it’s all abstract to an individual, it is real to the masses as a whole.

You can be a free spirit or whatnot, but you do have to remember that you owe your opportunity to the society