Take on the new predator specializations and perks (patch 2.19)

I honestly think it makes no sense to keep the specializations unique for each predator you play… especially if certain predators are hidden behind the paywall… but this is not my main concern tho about the new specializations…

My main concern is do you devs really think that people who play predator deserve to be limited when its only one against 4… and each of the fireteam member has access to 3 perks + 1 specializations… so that makes like literally

Predator x1 = 3 + 1
Fireteam x4 = 3 + 1

But yeah my main concern is how limited predator fun is in this… there is almost no fun lol… nobody is scared from the new people reviews on steam… and on top of that people on the first release for predator on the forums people kept saying how like annoying and not scary the whole predator vs fireteam interaction is really…

Cloak first of all is useless af lmao… Perks are also fairly useless when it comes to giving you fun gameplay on the predator side

About Perks: (personally i think perks deserve overall rework for pred)

  • Dithered lenses needs to either go back to 3 perk points or 4 perks points
  • Trapper needs to be 2 perk points instead of 3
  • Ironside needs to either stay on same perk points or go to 2 perk points cause i tested it and its not that useful lol
  • Adrenal Boost needs to drop to 3 perk points
  • Impenetrable needs to drop to 5 perk points or stay but the damage reduction needs to be evened out as height advantage to reduce damage from all sources… and not just the bullet… also if possible it would be dope if impenetrable can block more and more damage the further distant you are… it would be worthy of 6 perk points then.

And by re-work i mean one perk should allow u like 3 perks in one and the specialization needs to give you 2 specializations in one.

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You’re on PC right? Steam is PC, so lets be honest, they aren’t goin to be using anything different than what Epic Games players are using.
But I agree with you that by and by, the FT have more specials combined.
So maybe…the addition of a multiplyer or adding in more than one special to any predator might be a cool thing to do to help with balance?

Hell, maybe give them 3 Slots for Specializations and have them all contain a value for each individual spec. and each predator class having a limit much like how the Perk system works.

I think having more than one specialization would greatly improve the balance for PC Squads against PCs since they are already OP. and I think if you’re skillfully limited on PS, then you won’t get more out of it.

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Uhh its not even just the perks… they fully missed on a cool concept here… its so rushed… community didnt get to play test enough… beta was supposed to be used by devs more than just flexing their game and showing it… they were supposed to open up early feedback and then take like 50% of stuff community wanted to be seen in full release…

I wish they have given predator unique menu for gear selection and perk selection… something like from

plague inc… where you combine like specializations and perks in one…

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I wouldnt say its rushed (because they do what they are supposed to do ),i think they aren’t very highly or thoroughly planned and conceived. Its full potential is yet to be implemented.

Its like they made a small bit of a larger part of something.

Then if they aren’t highly planned or conceived then why not ask your fking community for help in the beta XD

its like so fucking stupid…

well then they should have released it as early access then xD and for half a price

Its the nature of their service plan…they aren’t being payed to develop a full scope of things. They are just making small bits along the way. Thats evident even in the masks.
They are still a small studio by the way. What are they now? 30 some odd FT employees? Believe me out of those 30 only 5 of them are actually listening hard.15 of them aren’t even in the art department. 1 or 2 don’t even actually do anything.

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There is actually so much wrong with all of that… cause

Cause if they are doing stuff like that then they should very well know to do that they need to be very veery communicative with their community and not force the moderators to do their job and take the hate on them when its directed towards devs…

like and on top of that… you have other games like “The isle” “GTFO” “Deathground”

who are also independent studio with like 10 or so devs who did a better job than this game… cause all they did was listen to the community and were involved

Be real. …the expectations for their games aren’t as huge as this one. LMAO. I feel sorry for Illfonic and as you should too. The Pressure here to do right is much much more. Thats why they are tip toing.

I feel sorry for my 45€ XD

but yeah… idk i just wanna not focus on that… i really wanna focus on improvements of predator gameplay… ideally if they allowed the community i would focus on improving fireteam gameplay too… there is so much missing on both sides…

Kind of …but I’ve been through it since the start, and lately I think they poured alot in. I’m not expecting too much as their business model is different. I just hope they take in what the community expresses and have them try their best to dish it out.

You mean its “old fashioned” approach.

Its a small studio.

I think if you look at japanese studios doing IP you might find a simliar problem. Like those producing Godzilla and Ultraman properties.They have the same problem going for them, giant expectations and little resources. There are the exceptions though, like Dragon Ball that are putting out some exceptionally well produced product but for some reasons there seems to be more resources. I don’t quite understand what they have going for them, as its probably a little different. Then there are Kojima productions. THats got stellar resources and product behind it but Kojima Prod reached out to a studio in Norway? Is it the same studio as the ones who produced Horizon Zero Dawn?
But the bottom line is that they are building off of source code already made.

Its got different models, differnt amounts of resources, but its all relative.

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@Finessology @ArtforBlood @Eshtion your opinion on this topic

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Why dude? Why do you go to these durbs?

Idk fam i need likes so devs see the post… idk anymore man idfk… i just want my money to be worth tbh… and i honestly dont want my childhood fav franchise person/being to die out like this…

I need to bring as much as possible attention to my ideas cause i know very well how to balance the game in a way it will be like almost perfectly balanced to even balance out the matchmaking too

If you wish to help then tag people who won’t troll lol

Well those guys troll me like a mofo! Sometimes they don’t but sometimes they do…which is annoying as fuck! I mean in serious posts though, I troll people sometimes because its funny but only when its a useless post.

They should stay unique. It makes them unique to play against and gives you an idea of what to look out for rather than people playing beserker with Disciplined. gives the weaker classes a more noticeable edge.

Classes should be classes with their own gimmicks not just stacks of meta perks/weapons and specializations

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At this point this game is a joke and so are the forums XD

but yeah… u can probs understand why i dont wanna give up cause i have this autism disorder that allows me to analyze shit at speed of light and simulate outcomes in my head and all of my outcomes, one of them is this perk one… this one would lead to more fun experience

stop it. you play it… for fun…ok.so stop being serious. Its just got to be challenging and balanced.

I think the only thing they are missing is the PC party squad balancing and a little more definition as to what makes balancing a ‘for the moment’ configuration then this game will live on for the ages.

They have to make it like playing a set of cards in a game of poker. then we will have balance. You have to deal your best suits before a match and then you will have a balance structure.

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