The 4th of January

Imagine a wrist launcher that actually does damage. And all they have to do is reskin it and change the projectile so it shouldn’t take long.

I was sad af when we got a worthless firecracker launcher.

Scar would likely be the one getting the shuriken.

However I could see Fugitive instead getting utilities as opposed to new weapons which would be beneficial across the board to Predator players.

  • Fugitive could use a stolen Stargazer weapon like he does on film in the lab escape giving a Predator a hit-scan weapon.
  • His mask has a plasmacaster built in which could be a gear item. When attacked the gun auto targets the nearest enemy.
  • Fugitive has dual wrist blades so his melee could be much better than other Predators given he has two blades as opposed to the one.
  • He could fire his gauntlet blades on the extra gauntlet

He’s then balanced by a clumsy firing since the rifle wasn’t meant to be held by him, his mask when destroyed deprives him of auto-aim, and when fired both blades if FT destroys them he can’t reload them to retain dual blade damage.

The rifle gives players hit-scan and a short to mid range weapon, and the mask is a gear piece able to be used by other Predators. The dual blades is then locked into Fugitive.

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Hitscan weapons with good damage or thats even able to reliably land headshots would make predator actually good and we can’t have that so i’m cautiously optimistic.

Even the handheld caster when it was good had to go. Pred is only allowed to have clumsy ranged weapons apparently.

Even though we know what to expect and shouldn’t be disappointed, somehow we still will be

Haha whats sad is they’d give this to the fireteam instead of pred. It also shot blades or some nonsense too I cant really remember that movie.

FT will also turn invisible with a ping pong ball camo gauntlet gear. We already got plasma rifles and anti-cloak nades, its inevitable. Predator’s going the generic alien invasion route.

Forgot about that scene. Later on a random soldier did lose his hand when he tried to catch it.

I don’t know why people think that

I like you train of thought
I also suggested a wrist type weapon

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How do you know?

Well blame the studios heads for giving us the suit ending, and the whole Predator race trying to invade, when it was suppose to be a clan war thing going on.

Fuggin where 😂 trust me I’d love that but how do you figure

@DisturbedLlama @BadBloodPredator I believe @TentacleDadi 's evidence is the fact that we’re getting Isabelle therefore Mr.Black will immediately come after as if the two are a guaranteed package deal.

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A lot of the datamine shows Mr. Black items and animations being worked on. They’ve also kept content pretty well movie released order other than the random bull in between. Isabelle coming to PHG pretty much shows super predators will be next since that is where they are headed and all the datamining has shown it being worked on for a while now.

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Well since I just watched the movie not too long ago, for the first time 😄

His unique weapon(s) would be

  • Lex’s Alien Spear (weapon variant). Although I don’t it because is “Alien content”
  • Scar’s personal spear (weapon variant). It looks like just Celtic’s
  • The Shuriken (both gear and weapon variant).
  • Extended wrist blades (weapon?)

He’d also have to come with 5 extra masks.
The Ancient Predator (from the end of the movie)
The 2 flashback Predators, yes they were both different

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We’ll probably just get the Shuriken and the masks, although I’d love to get the spear variants and the extendable blades

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They might just due few weapons for him and a skin, like how City Hunter got a reskin for his combistick. So I think we could get extended wrist blades and the shuriken as its been leaked.

Hopefully we get a lot with Scar and Mr.Black, since there was a lot of predator content potential with AVP/AVPR and Predators

If they don’t get the game back online, we can count on the Zero pred that comes with Zero, which you can use for Zero while you’re chasing down Zero before they can reach Zero exfil.

Wait what happened

Game is down, globally.

Well this is a surprise

I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not. 😂