The Boys S2

First three episodes are out on Prime, thoughts so far? I like it, I was worried it was going to go to shit since it got popular.

Going in a different direction from the comic but i’m thinking we’re going to get Homelander vs homelander jr

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Why only 3 episodes released?

They’re doing a weekly format as if it’s cable television :|

Lol what the fuck

Mandalorian did the same thing. I blame disney

How is that show? I liked the idea of a whole “Kill the Corrupt Super Hero” plot and heard it was from a book/comic? Very curious about it.

It’s good check it out

It’s from an Ennis comic. He’s pretty edgy but the show has diverged from the comic at this point and its probably for the best.

It’s a show about assholes killing other assholes really. Everyone’s flawed in some unlikeable way lol.

This show was lame and over written. S1 was drawn out and very boring. Shit have the sups dont even have cool powers like wtf

The weekly release was not started by mando. Netflix started it first some of their Tv shows with A list actors did this few years back. I believe santa clare diet s1 was the first to do it

It’s satire justice league if they were all overmarketed PR assholes. You aren’t supposed to be watching it like its Infinity War lol.

Genre deconstruction with some fun gore. Might as well watch Evangelion and then ask why its not Gundam.

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Nah this show is not even slightly funny. Just stupid. All Prime shows are stupid.

You could’ve just opened with this as your stance.

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If i didnt enjoy my Prime sub for free 1 day shipping I would cancel it lol

I actually like the boys and good omen but honestly I wouldn’t even bother with it if it wasn’t included with prime.

Season 1 was great, season 2 so far is good but Im finding it a little slow. That’s maybe down to the week in between the episodes though. Season 3 is filmed already but I just hope they don’t go too far down the politics road. So far it has been sprinkled, which I can handle

Agree. Nothing takes me out of a show more than when it suddenly becomes a bunch of political talking points.

The fact seth rogan is involved and he has been very outspoken has me worried. It was the same with daredevil on Netflix, 2 great seasons and then season 3 was very anti trump

3 eps left and nothing really happened yet, subplots just going in circles ever since they exposed vought and it didnt matter. Still better than the comic however