The Broken & Abused System of Communication

Well here is the answer:
NONE OF THESE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS have any association with modern education. You guessed it, its been the #1 tool that people use with no intention. Education has no deep connection with it and has zero educated monetary investment in. You can have an opinion, even a child can have an opinion. But when a zero investment opinion can have a HUGE EXPLOSIVE IMPACT on the nature of a product or person, it makes you wonder why it even exists. ITs a broken social media platform even though it is sophisticated it lacks the intervention of the university philosophy and economic scope, not to mention the mechanisms of popular engineering on society.

You thought games were broken? WTF, you should see what and how people post comments on Youtube. There are literally 1000s :1 post of just dumb meme shit vs something where someone says anything thought provoking. I’m not just talking about funny pet videos. Im talking about when new movies hit the market, new games, and as well as branded foods.

Think of how the impact of so many knee jerk reaction videos have on industries right now in this pendemic! Now is the downtime to fix it!

How are products going to be positioned and marketed to people in the future when their opinions look like an Eric Andre Show episode?

We are still living in the dark ages of social media where I can see things are drastically going to change. Its not going to go away. But I can see the way we use Social Media is going to be very personal rather than very anonymous.
I can see a day where I can no longer post a meme to make people laugh. Thats going to be the job of a comical intervention that is endorsed or sponsored…

When a soft drink company can’t sell you a popular soft drink because the MEME SHIT goes too far as to mar the franchise to oblivion, they will have to sell you water. Water will be the “next no alternative”. Does anyone remember the musical genre called ‘Grunge’?

This is what is really happening today:
Disney will own Water ™ and will have to “try” to sell you it without people having to tell you they won’t buy corporate corruption or what they think is corporate corruption. But what you don’t know is that they CAN’T sell you anything else without it’s viability of social commentary being in jeopardy. They can’t sell you the new Pepsi if people are going to foo-foo it!

It’s not about mind controlling the public, its about being able to view products without STUPID getting in the way. Right now, ALOT OF THAT STUPID is being used deliberately in order to lead the public like the proverbial ‘carrot on a stick’ to get your attention even though you’re obviously being misled. Ie, you see what IGN did with their coverage on Aliens:Fireteam saying infront of Cold Iron Studio members that they “see” alot of Left4Dead then intentionally mis-brand it jokingly (oh god i hope they meant it as a joke), as Left3Aliieeeenen. Their interviewers are so up-close personal and intimate socially with CIS that they influence the market by making that joke because Cold Iron Studios is uniquely tied to that franchise but the two products are ultimately non-related genres made in 2 very different years where technology and graphical investments have improved drastically. One is scifi the other is wasted low budget horror. Then went on to make some passive relationships between there being weapons…xp points and surviving (duh).

You might have thought it was a smart idea, but idealistically, you can’t have anymore scope on budget other than what people might expect from both franchises now that both are being related. If the latter had a small budget then don’t expect the new one to have a bigger one. This is what I got from that relationship. To conclude this idea, those who inherently have a close association with the lowest standard of intellegience, choose to do a review with the intentions of drawing on blatant stupid remarks like drawing on misconceptions, you can either will see a giant upheval of intelligent recourse or you will be so high off your stupidity that you will not see yourself become a meme. My suggestion from the DarkKnight analogy, **You ‘should’ either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

It doesn’t make me mad to that they did it but it also doesn’t build much confidence in people who want to hear about something new, be excited for or that it challenges our perceptions of quality based off of prior games before it. Granted Print media is dead and noone will actually print these out in a magazine. But in the video - era of media reviews, it presented a dumb correlation hoping nobody noticed and I think them thinking the audience is dumb and uninformed is a vice that will lead them down a narrow path -but thats IGN for you. I just hope more intelligent media outlets will do something better or more open about their dialogue with any company.

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One’s a successful horde shooter and the others just trying to copy it without understanding the appeal of L4D

I cant wait for this game to fall flat on its face just like colonial marines so you stop making 10 page posts about how EPIC the textures are jacking off a studio with no games under its belt other than outsourced work on MMOs. IGN was right about colonial marines so they’ll be right about Aliens FT being a crappy left4dead.

There isnt a market for PvE hallway shooters, Colonial marines atleast had pvp.

You’ve obviously have an eye for detail or maybe its just infected with bacteria.

How is L4D successful? I’ve never played it. HAHAHA. It looks like a PS2 game.

Yeah back to your hole where you only play movie games with no experience in anything besides 4 hour cashgrabs.

A polished turd is still a turd

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Stop making unnecessary comments and start speaking coherently. No wonder you’re banned by most people. Including myself, you should be honored that i diligently try to weed you out most of my conversations! I never care about what you write, but when you respond to my posts I take a giant hand and try to squash you!

You mean like your 9 page babble about Youtube and magazines in your original post? Lol.

Yeah we live in an age where if your game sucks its not a secret, sorry.
Waah people communicating and reviewing things before people buy them unaware is bad?

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You’re an infant child who needs his soiled diaper wiped on his face! Calm your shit down.

As for OP’s vid, makes sense for indie projects. But triple A disasters like Cyberpunk? No way, especially if your marketing is BS. Deserves all the flak it gets and no one should feel sorry for them delivering 1/5th of the original game (prerendered gameplay) they were flaunting around at every gameshow. Plenty of studios have had their game not pan out as intended so the game is cancelled rather than them scrapping together half the game & putting out something thats going to tarnish their reputation.

There was no reason for them to sit down and go "ok we scrapped the NPC AI, multiple campaigns, dialogue choices, parkour, car AI, car chases, prop interactions etc and then still try to ship the game with a single campaign and 3 lifepaths that are completely irrelevant. Just straight up false advertising from E3 demo.

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Wow, your statement is as prerendered as your accusations. You must be one of those crackheads with a job to inhabit forums for money. What a shit life you lead.Where is your heart dude? Don’t you respect the arts and sciences? You must be painfully aware of what a dispairaging life you lead when all you do is misinterpret what MOST people enjoy in the world.

Not as prerendered as their gameplay demo lol

There is nothing wrong with it. Its what i experienced…on PS4 Pro. Not sure what you played on- if infact you actually played it and not just watched a review of it. This is not a cyberpunk review…go to the existing thread and post your beef.

I apologize to @Papa_Applepie for @Finessology failing to understand what the OP is actually of. This pisses me off more than anyone else.

You can see that the OP has a video of how people have misconstruid the scope of a game and wanted EVEN MORE than what was proposed by the initial scope of a game in progress, then insists on incorporating social media to manifest a movement to promote on dis-enfranchising a company from its goals because anonymous people propose an nonviable expectation on gaming product.

@Finessology you are EXACTLY what the problem is with reviews. You’re to quick to your own unattainable expectations of what you think games should be at in terms of quality and enjoyment without actually seeing what you have infront of you.

Blind or did you get the copy with open world car chases, races, and NPC AI that everyone else doesn’t have? By all means share.

Cyberpunk is like if Ghost of Tsushima came out the gate saying it was going to revolutionize open world RPGs with an interactable world, horse chases, spreading wildfires, and dialogue with each NPC. Its called lying.

People dont like it because solely hype generated their sales and the hype is all scrapped content. Turns out people don’t like being lied to about a game thats just a typical streamlined campaign with leveling elements.

As someone who went through some schooling in game developement. I will say it’s sad how little people appreciate the effort going into a game. Every game, no matter how big, small, good, or bad can be a struggle. You are combining multiple people’s sometimes vastly different opinions, with the abstract of art, and the absolute perfection required by technology. Everything from a difference in opinion about the art style to a single misplaced dot in the code can send things going off the rails. And that is just every game in existance. When you add coperate into the issue, pushing deadlines of games that have unexpected bugs, requiring extra addition that the team didnt plan on or want to do, All around putting pressure on a team and pushing a agenda bassed on profit or “being like that other successful game”.

The fact that so many studios are so tight lipped, never letting people know about issues, only putting out the best case scenario of work, often times before the rest of the game is even close to that level, and all round trying to protect this image of games just appearing out of thin air only worsens the problem.

The good thing is I have hope the gaming industry will make it through. IT sucks now, sure. But movies went through the same thing once and it’s still a major industry.
Sure things suck now, but there are still great developers making great games out there and indie studios being more transparent. It’s only a matter of time. And if we want to help, we need to put our money with our mouth is. support the little guys that are being transparent and putting out good work. And demand more polish from big studios. If the big boys start losing money, they’ll be forced to get better or sputter out.


Hype is something that is a cloud of judgement yet to be determined by an actual result.

If you didn’t see the result, there is no point in making an assumption right? No- it seems to me that the word Hype or the feeling of Hype is something that in the biblical context is called “waiting for rapture”. What you actually want is never attainable because it changes evertime you turn a corner and your imagination never ends. If you base the result on your expectations of a world that can be created, your Satisfaction will never be attained.

But as fans, one can ALWAYS request. One can always politely ‘want’. But at the end of the day, its just a ‘want’.

For an entire industry to be inslaved by ones own personal wants and requests is absoluately insanity. There should be a proposed initial requirement- that requirement when met, should be adequate. Otherwise, you’re asking for FAR MORE than was initially promise. And thats what Software companies are going throw today.

It is like asking for your Museum, that is at the forefront of Art and Science, to uncover the mysteries of the universe because we payed money for it. And you want it now! That’s insanity! Fucking insantiy. Do you understand what we have and what we want are two different things?

Do you understand the gaming industry is hell bent on the buying and selling of source code based off of a game engine that is striving to suppport itself on the initial release of the game engine? And that companies’ are going bankrupt to make the needs the game at the initial offer only to hope they eventually get sought out for their added contribution to the engine at the code level so that they can get boaght out by another company? It is Ouroboros.

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lol hype generated by their own statements in their own gameplay demo to generate sales.

You’re a tool if you defend selling a product and telling the consumer its up to them to determine whether or not they’re being scammed.

Do you like art and science? Guess not. I suppose the history of NASA should hit you in the face. If NASA didn’t exist, you wouldnt have wanted to explore the cosmos. but they really tried to generate hype.

Scamming consumers isn’t art or science lol

I really thought Hubble would have gave us bettter images. Do you have anything to say about that Finess in Nasa’s defense?
But since its VR its just your penis playing with a console controller stick it should be criticized ? I guess you should have saved your money and bought a few He-man action figures slapped your penis with that right?

WTF is Nvidia doing for the world of quantum computing and simulations if they didn’t have people like me paying for videocards right? I should just be playing with @Finessology’s plastic He-man figures because he got this argument straight.

Thank you down syndrome baby:

You should go back to speaking in gifs no idea what you’re babbling about