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Hey, I know people won’t care but I have had this crush for a while now and I am not sure if I want to ask her out. Please @ me if you answer my question.


Go for it, the worst that can happen is she says no, shoot your shot

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Sorry buddy, she’s with me. Once you go sack you never go back.

Thanks, man but I still want to see what the others think.

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You know that chick probably loves you. You want her? Gotta play it cool, you know. You can’t let her know how much you like her?cause if she knows, she’ll dump you like that. Believe me. Like, if she asks you if you want a ride, you say, “No, I’ve got my own ride, but maybe I’ll see you later.” Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? It works.

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First , hire her as your maid and second , wear a rubber.

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I don’t own a car.

That is very weird, so no.

Are you guys friends or do you just know each other?

Kindly ask her out, as someone said before, what’s the worst that can happen? She says NO. Oh well, there are plenty others. One thing you’ll realize is that while some women will think you’re god sent, others won’t even look your way, and that’s ok. Just like you don’t like everyone, not everyone will like you.

Tough love, that’s life homie.

If she’s made out of plastic, shoot your load. It wont count at all! If you’re not of the age of 18+ as this game PHG is, then if hope you didn’t understand what i just said.

Why would you bust a nut in a Kardashian?

Are you derailing, buddy 👉🏻

This is probably the last place to get dating advice 😁

@misterbuildman , what’s your relationship with this person? How do you know them?

I’m not allowed to make that joke anymore

Also for whatever reason I can’t quote people anymore. The option’s there but when I click it goes away just like my hopes and dreams.

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What joke? Off to brighter pastures for us , buddy .

Were friends.

There a friend I knew for a couple of years now and have a stable relationship.

Well I would say if they are a good enough friend? That might end if you do ask them out as it might make things awkward.

Have you picked up any signals that suggest they might feel the same? Because if you have? Then maybe you should , but even then its not straight forward as I’ve seen it many times that its a miscommunication. If a woman has the same feelings you do? A majority of the time (depending on the person) if they are wanting something more with you ? Then they probably would have let it be known by now .

Its a totally different dynamic for men , a lot today , women are in the driving seat and I cant imagine it being easy to navigate.

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I am sure we don’t have a super close relationship as we don’t talk every 3 seconds. We usually talk a lot because were bored and we find it fun just to mess around. So I would’t say that it be quit ruined but it would be better than it being super awakered.

Sometimes you got to roll that dice , mate.

Have you ever heard the saying of “if you don’t ask , you don’t get”.

You win some and you lose some .

Be confident .