So i gave this franchise some thought as to where the franchise might go if they were to reboot it yet again. However the Kingdom of the planet of the apes are set to start production next month in Aug 2022 with Wes Ball with writing duties.
@Fire I know u wanted a riddle. So this is a replacement. Warning: this shit is not for the simp and it is not comedy.
Here it is:
Brief Synopsys:
*Imagine the next installment of The Planet of the Apes as a film noir. A Chris Nolan take on the missing components of history in this franchise. *
The film takes us, along with it’s protagonist, onto a starship set on to visit the first habitable planet based on all available information. Our lead finds himself on a planet that’s similar yet alien and we don’t know exactly what is going on in its’ system and what awaits on it’s grounds is something we had never seen before, a planet of apes and dinosaurs!

The Details:
Simliary to the first film in 1968, imagine one of these guys:

Patrick Stewart type (or any of those other guys in the picture…not so much the third guy) in his prime, a rugged male lead with political acumen, still obsessed with writing love notes to his love affair correspondence before his journey, on a starship with incredible ambitions visits a nearby star system using experimental subspace(spacetime) technology.

The visit is a success! Let’s view the planet now!
The star system, which was simulated to have a planet in a goldilocks zone, a primordial Earth class planetoid!
The occupant is single on the ship with an incredible amount of AI technology.
He, the lone pilot, decides to be the first to visit this primordial earth based on the simulations on it’s life baring existence. This one being inhabited by dinosaurs. He also realizes that this planet has pre-modern atmospheric and gravitation conditions but dares to visit it to document his travels even if it risks his own life.

Major Plot Point:

  1. The planet is surrounded by a heavy bombardment event. Literally asteroids of all sizes slowly are moving in, probably as close as our moon is to our planet.

  2. On the planet he discovers many marvels such as dinosaurs and eerie extremophile plant life above ground where much hot springs and volcanic activity persist.

  3. The danger of dinosaurs types cause him great dismay. But more so, he’s left running for his life, and fatigued to the point of unconsciousness. Although somewhat safe in an atmospheric suit, during his stay he exhibits some complications with his musculature and vascular system causing him to become weak and fragile loosing lots of fluid and weight. Barely able to stand, he is met with danger.

The Interplay:
He is surprisingly saved by a tribe of upright standing Gorilllas who speak a language not known to him. Simpified with phenomic and intonations, their spinal chords make them walk upright with almost human-like character(much like the original '69 film). Their lung capacity makes them appear more intelligent and thoughtful.

They wield ancient weapons such as the bow and arrow, but sophisticated, poisoned tipped and fired tips. They also have pouches full of ailments.
They take the human astronaut into their community. The man is shaken but still able to figure out these apes (although loined clothed) comprehend him in some way as he is given an incredible amount of care and attention. The sympathy and empathy given to him would make your heart melt.
Their speech is simple and effective but its unlike english. Its almost alien.

Deep inside a cave is their den where the gorillas keep our astronaut in check.
Within these caves are paintings much like the ones we’ve seen in human’s ancient history.
We also see a sophisticated encyclopedia of literature of the local plant life , metallurgy and alchemy.

Alone and afraid, he tries to communicate even though his biosuit is failing. He removes his helmet after being let loose from being tied up.

A Chimpanzee comes forward…
basically the rest of the story plays out without any other humans around unlike the initial film.

The chimps, gorillas and orangatangs have their own societal system of Shamans, warriors and elders.

Just a thought. its different because there are dinosaurs, the idea of gravity being the major caveat of the planet body that is different.

In the end, the lead is given a choice, as he reboards his ship which was hidden on the planet grounds, he makes his way back to orbit.
The technology onboard allows him to make a decision. Allow the planet to be bombarded by the asteroids and leave to return home, or , one by one releave the planet by moving every asteroid away from the planet. the latter would take him years to do.

The ending…

he saves the planet from a few heavy bombardments but realizes he can only keep all of them from reaching earth if a force field is extended (a few years at best) all the while it expunges the ships battery supply.
To that end, he returns and teaches the apes the english language, and art and science…this becomes the basis of the Sacred Scrolls. Conflict breaks out and the apes are divided amongst their own kind.

Fatigued and dying the astronaut returns to the mothership, heart break ensues as the ships power is drained. It was inevitable. This world should bare its first ice age and mature.

this is the beginning of the:

Leading back to he franchise:
This ties the 1968 fiilm. Take a look at a scene from the film which is a key plot point tie in:
Where they hypothesized the pre-evolution of ape to being that of man, my entire treatment is a dispute to that claim; I believe it wasn’t an evolution of man, but a visitation of man. Even Taylor said:
Man was here first

and with my treatment I prove it could be true, that the first form of intelligence was the form of ape with the intervention of man which allowed for apes evidential succession during the prehistoric age leading to the Planet of the Apes- which would have to explain the dumb humans).

This we get Taylor and his team entering the planet in this sliver of time, but they were oblivious to the prior history.
Then in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Brent had entered onto the planet in a sliver of time a million years after the event in post-modern Earth society after the bomb was created.
A proposed theory that was warned with a compelling arguement by a stray Theorist at the beginning of the film due to the experimental nature of the spacetime technology used on the ship. The hypothesis insists that all EARTHS (or planetoids capable of intelligent organic life or Artificial Intelligent life) are part of a unified theory and all Planetoids capable of intelligent life are inherently connected by space time. All monumental epochs of evolutionary culture would in essence be similar or identical and that Psychohistory is the predominant form of uniqueness within the universe.

As a final quip on existentialism, our astronaut (from my script) onboard his ship tries to dig out his own Earth’s co-ordinates (curious as to the time it would take to return) and realizes the navigation systems have shifted monumentally.

In his astonishment, the computer’s navigations insists that (true Sol) Earth’s co-ordinates have changed to that of the planetary body that he has just visited!
His home Earth that he came from, the co-ordinates has become the exact origins of that of the planet body he had just recently set foot on!

The co-ordinates REBOOTED!
Additionally, all nearby galaxies have shifted!
Is this a twilight zone moment? He anxiously tries to locate his original Earth location through a mathematical back tracking of his footsteps and finds that the area is obfuscated by an obtuse formation…a black hole. no other answer is given.

One more easter egg from the franchise mixed into this tale:
As he tries desperately to hack into the crash logs and back logs of his main computer trying to find evidence of his travel he finds a single quote given by his computer’s back log…
(taken verbatim from the original film)
"Beware the beast man (the evolved primate), for he is the devil’s pawn.
*Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. *
Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land.
Let him not breed in great numbers…for he will make a desert of his home and yours.
Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair…for he is the harbinger of death."

In the first film, this chapter /verse was used by Dr.Ziaus as words written by ancient ape, but in this story explains that it was writen by prophetic literature AI from which origins are that of the AI of the ship’s legacy AI as script created in the event that subspace phenomenon could not be explained by the ships computer, and a sociological/religious AI would take over to exhibit “psychological damage control”.

29th Chapter, Verse 6 of Asimovs Findings

However misinterpreted deliberately or not by Dr.Ziaus in reference to his ape kind. He states a the words “beast man”, but in this contents should be read not as mankind itself but as “a beast man”. Alluding to apes being the evolutionary progeny of man.

Here is the most horrific hypothesis is that apes existed in primodial times, only to be pushed into early advanced development by “mankind” to fight dinosaurs, only both to become extinct to allow for fossil fuels to exist? and the evidential de-evolution of primates into what we see today? resulting in the sliver of evolution of primate into homosapien…to which advanced into space-venturing people?

The biggest conjecture as to how this would tie into the first and second films biological evolution would be that after this film there would be a cataclysmic asteroid collision which would re-shape the world.
This would be what we all know as our first ice age. The gravitation shift which would change the majority of biology across the world slowly. Now the fact that my story would indicate that the early apes would hunt and kill dinosaurs might only preclude that they killed only smaller dinosaurs and that the ice age would destroy all the larger ones.

Fast Forward to modern times and add 3000 years…this eventually led to Taylor’s visitation to the more evolved ape in the Planet of the Apes and its subsequent films. thereby i wouldn’t need to explain it any further.

To add to clarity, Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes existed after the FOX era of Ape films. It is essentially restarted in the 2016/19 film where primitive earth apes with small bodies suddenly become sentient using sign language to communicate. Will they start walking taller and exhibit complex speach again where my story exhibits? Not much is known in this 3rd generation…perhaps every iteration of Earth is a heavier or denser version of the previous set to reboot into a Xenozioc period every so often. And what we encounter in our film is probably a version of that.

in the 2019movie, the apes that were loyal to Ceazar couldnt speak. But in my story, it was suddenly apparent that all the apes had some sort of upbringing that allowed them simple words. This is not and will not be explained AT ALL asides from our presumption that gravity caused their spinal chords to be more upright, and thus allowed them more lung capacity and vocal ability. We leave their education in the english language to our lead actor when they write the Sacred Scrolls.

The Remedy to Covid (you wanted more from PHG didn’t you!):
To let us understand disease is just a genetic problem variety. The apes will tell us to leave the wild because in this film it is completely philosophical in social intentions. To leave primal intentions to what was implanted into the Ape society within caves. The primate brain may have been only programed to understand iconography and nothing else. A problem of capacity. No complex language would be needed in this film only one simple thing…that is the 4 symbols implanted into their cognition “on dry land” this is the BIGGEST MYSTERY OF ALL the franchise!
There will be 4 caves in existence representing differently philosophies…Love, Science, Defense, and Policy. Heartfelt. It’s understanding of the 7 deadly sin in 4 basic forms. There is something here folks. In this bizarre twist during the main portion of the film, this strange twist makes you wonder about the origins of the APE evolution yet again!
The apes look like this atrocitiy( 4 demon apes: yes, there are demon apes. Even the apes are scared shitless for one reason or another.) :

…and a TBA design for the younger apes…they are the only ones our main character interacts with. (think HG Wells , The Time Machine)
Its what the world needs. a film we need right now. Like nolans’ Dark Knight.

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Honestly the recent trilogy was the best thing to happen to the franchise, guess it would be interesting to see them go back to the roots, humans in suits

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I dont know what to say to this.
Except return to monke @REYNOSO_FUA11

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Needs more gorilla riding dinosaurs into battle. Also I’m not sure how his ship is capable of clearing the asteroids. Is his ship massive enough to stop them? Also how big and fast are these asteroids as I’m not sure one lifetime is capable of stopping a cluster of asteroids capable of annihilating all life on a planet.


I’m glad you asked!

To answer your questions , now the details are just my concepts and interpretation:

  1. the Asteroids are large, like island sizes some even larger and they are slowly inching their way towards earths atmosphere. They are not some type of asteroids just darting into earth for no apparent reason, it is likely that theyare remnants of collisions with mars or the moon and are slowly descending into earth.

  2. The ship has a means to engage the asteroids using a type of eletromagnetic pulse. Which takes lots of time and targetting. Imagine it like a shock wave, or a directed energy beam that will push the asteroids away slowly. But the problem that is likely is that the means to remove all of them will be very very tedious and troublesome which might result in collisions any way.

  3. There would likely be apes riding dinos …very likely.

  4. The plot ends up that the inevitable happens and that he won’t be able to save them from these asteroids. sadly. The narrative assumes that he was actually ended up on Earth during the Mesozoic era and that the heavy bombardment will happen regardless no matter what he does or tries which presumes that one can not stop the future from happening.


Much love, brother

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I think Tony pope would be the best for the leading role

@MassImpact124 send the contract


Should this be the case then they would be traveling extremely fast nonetheless. Slow in terms of other cosmic entities but very fast for humans. Not only would it be tedious but getting rid of them, not all just most would take a long time if it’s just him.

How short should I make a synopsis? I will write one really short and sweet.

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Tony-Pope? Are you interested for the lead role?

Am I interested in the tony pope lead character role? Who else could play him?

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@Fire you must know what to say? What do you want to see, hear? what would the first actors say? Tell me…and yee shall find personal redemption!

we need more hands in our visions of ourselves.

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They would say, Dear god.
The furry virus took over this planet.


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You pushed the narrative even further than i would like…oh damn.

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“Nuke the planet from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure”

“But we have no nukes”

“We got asteroids don’t we”


Tony pope is currently on a cocaine comedown , his opinion will be posted shortly