The End of Batman

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but from my observations of recent social media, research and comics…it seems that we are now living in a age without Batman, these are my examples of why I think so

  • Batman in Comics left Gotham
  • Harley Quinn show, she has joined the BatFamily and Bruce got arrested by the Joker and is going to get therapy by of course Harley
  • Gotham Knights is about the Batfamily and even though it’s not a sequel to Arkham knight but a spiritual successor, it doesn’t have Batman

And there is more but I’d like to use the simple ones as plain observation

So what do you guys think? Can we live without a Batman or is it time for villains to be redeemed and sidekicks become hero’s?


This image is only synonymous


Is that a hallucination?

Straw manning?

Just what?

No joke

lmao cringe


DC has went the way of the 🌈


Just wait another 2 years or whatever until DC eventually goes back to the status quo via reboot.

It’s happened before? Dunno why everyone fear mongers over stupid shit like this.

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Fuck off


The clip

Fuck the clip

And DC

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Ya but it could reboot to something worse





I know right! See what I mean? We are living in a time without Batman and it’s getting worse 😔

Going to be honest those Batman designs look sick and I wouldn’t mind if he looked like that

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Out of all the characters to blackwash, Batman I don’t have a problem with apparently.

Why though? that’s like waking up one morning and your whole family was replaced with black people! And you say who are these strangers but they continue to lie saying they are your family

Not really

No one ever goes “and then they were black”

They always make a new continuity for it

So it’s more like dying, and being reincarnated into a black family, or vice versa.

Secondly the whole strangers part of your argument doesn’t really hold

They still have the same name, backstory, and characteristics. So them being strangers is a bit of a stretch and implies their skin color is the absolute most important part of their character

Which is stupid and I think we’ll beith agree on that.

No because they are not, they are other people faking to be your family they are just black to

Why can’t you understand the fact that they are just doing this just to ruin white peoples characters so it’s like a F U and racism when it fact why don’t they do all races then? Exactly because Hollywood just want money and will go by the popular opinion, BLACK, LGBT, POLITICS W/E

I see you really aren’t a right wing and no longer deserve the title of crusader or Templar, you are a wolf in sheep clothing and will be purged accordingly



And I said that wasn’t accurate. You saying your example again doesn’t change things.


“No 2+2=4”

“… 2+2=3”

Actually it’s done to give more black characters

It’s still dumb don’t get me wrong but that’s not the reason.

It also implies black characters can’t do well on their own which is also racist

So this is a bigger punching bag

Yes? I’m not saying this isn’t the case

I’m just saying out of all the characters to do this too, I can’t be mad at Batman.

Since when is lgbtqyz the popular opinion? Anything they have thrown out has bombed. The last I seen the comics were failing and costing them money , the shows/movies went woke and went broke

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  1. It dose you said they were the same but skin color was different when I specified it wasn’t don’t ignore it

  2. It is true black characters are not good characters that’s why they race swap it’s fact not racist

  3. Blackman

I wasn’t ignoring shit

I said your example was innacurate

All your doing is saying “no I’m right”