The mandibles are all wrong!!!

Fun video I came across on youtube today.


I never really understood wtf was going on with Wolf’s face. The mandibles are like completely seperate from his jaw.

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Alien acid blood damage.


It’s because as they get older their jaws grow or he’s half super predator

Or its just wtf design

I just noticed the acid blood damage now though


If I had to guess it partly comes down to battle damage, personal body modifications, and much like humans have different faces and shapes and structure based on genetics. Just my thoughts on it. Not all will be identical, but will be similar just like humans.

The biological purpose of the distinctive mandibles is unclear — some have proposed they may be used in reproduction or mating rituals.

I agree with the observations. There are somethings that should look anatomically or biologically correct and the oversight of the mandibles erks me that it looks odd. Like oversized armour that doesnt fit right or that is not really meant to be actually gear but tacked on.

in releation to PHG, I feel the female yautja class is horribly reworked from the male class. ITs hips aren’t where it should be and the neck seems higher all due to an oddly skewed rigging system derived from the male model. It makes it look like an elderly woman with osteoperosis.

Funny how people pick up on this, yet no one ever seems to question why the insides of his mouth/mandibles are red & pink when his blood is luminous green.


Because under flesh is pink? 😅

Maybe Illfonic could look at this for quality of life improvements, for both current and future content

Mind blown.

Maybe it’s only luminous green when exposed to our atmosphere.


Yeah, that’s how I try to rationalise it, but at the end of the day we shouldn’t think too much about the realities of a 7ft lizard alien.


Different genetics just like how people have different lips and teeth

This was incredibly frustrating to watch

I think the fugitive Yautja in The Predator was half human, so that could be a reason.

Eww the thought of such a abomination makes me sick


How would it be an abomination? Humans have lived within Yautja clans, makes sense they’d eventually mate or something 😘

I don’t think The Predator was that bad. But I think the fugitive Predator should have been the one to kill the ultimate Pred

You’ve been playing too much mass affect

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