The net gun

I’ve been thinking a lot about the netgun and what its role should be. In the movies, it’s typically a support weapon with very limited ammo, used to subdue one prey while attacking others.

In PHG, the netgun is often used as an assassination weapon. This never sat well with me, but I think I know how to fix it.

  1. Increase the time it takes to free yourself from the net, up to a min of 3 seconds.

  2. Allow for predator attacks to instantly free the FT from the net.

This will result in two things. The net will now fulfill a role similar to the movies, and it will no longer be the death sentence for any lone survivors, as it is now.

Also, it makes intuitive sense that if the FT knives break the net, then predator plasma and slashing weapons would as well.


In order for it to not be useless then, you need to increase the amount of damage it does, and have it last 5 or 6 seconds.

Considering you shouldnt really be able to free your self from it anyway.

Also pred attacks breaking it doesn’t seem like itd be good either.
At this point I dont think they should really change it at all.

So far none of the changes anyone has mentioned, sounded really good.


also do that when we stab him when the predator throws him at us it would cut him instantly

I think it’s fine right now, it is good against uncoordinated people (as it is supposed to be) and weak against very coordinated people.

I was just messing with it, seems nice how it is (minus the odd fucked hit box)

One of those and a katana do really nice things to the FT 👀

Probably true. I can’t remember how much passive damage it already does. 5 seconds would have to be the upper limit though, as running trapper would also increase that time, and if it’s too long, the AI could do all the damage for you.

True. Many times though, I see predators not using any nets during most of the hunt, just to use all of them on the last guy, and it’s quite trashy.

I entirely disagree. It isn’t supposed to be for getting free kills on the uncoordinated people, it supposed to give you a way to keep one coordinated person busy while you kill his friend. You got that entirely backwards.


To the OP, I agree, the Pred inflicting damage should break the net. Especially bladed weapons, if you want someone trapped learn to pin them using the net and stop using it as a way to get easy kills.

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I just use the net on ppl and let the net kill them. Idc if it takes 14 to kill on person that shit is hilarious

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That’s where I think an issue lies.

The net should be the tool you use to break up a coordinated team.

It should be the spearhead of a “Divide and conquer” technique/tool. Especially it being a well-known tool.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to see how to achieve. Least lately since I took a break.

I think making the net gun breakable with 2 knife attacks intead of 1 would be fine

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I don’t see an issue with the OP’s logic. Being netted longer isn’t as much a death sentence if the Predator can break its own net while attacking you.
I think the netgun is a great tool for fighting coordinated teams, but would benefit from the trade off of longer time and being encouraged to attack others because they might free the victim.

Not a fan of 2 strikes to break it, I play with random’s and even helping them escape can be next to impossible only requiring a single hit.

If you wanted a buff beyond a few seconds extra time I think you just end up making it to powerful against the disorganized teams.

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This is totally not trashy it’s funny as hell seeing ppl netted up. Especially if you can pin them to an object.

I know most ppl might think it too much. But if preds attacks going to break a net, then I think they should get 4 or 5 per match, and it last no less than 5 seconds, does 50 damage, and since it’s supposed to be some super strong material,
It should take like 10 ally knife slashes to break free.

This way it’s really good, but you REALLY have to plan your shit out, cause in the grand scheme of the match, 50 damage isnt a lot.

Mind you, I’m thinking a reload time of 5 or 7 seconds per net.

Actually ya. With the net being like this I feel 6 nets would be fine.
That way if you miss you arent completely fucked.

I know this sounds like too much.
But so far I feel Everything is too weak.
Like nothing truly feels satisfying.

Bear traps, while still can be slightly useful,
Dont feel like a huge threat.

Like I use traps and nets, but mainly just to fuck around.
I dont feel they’re good enough to fully rely on.

Mind you I can still find ways to make these 2 work, but they feel like a hadoken.

And hadokens arent all that powerful really.

If pred wasnt so weak and easy to kill I would say let’s give ft cool stronger shit too.

Like claymores and flamethrowers.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts.

When it’s the last person, it’s funny for the predator player because there’s no risk anymore. You’re just toying with the last guy, and they might as well just kill themselves or leave the match.

If we leave the current net system in place, the only other option I can think of is allowing players to escape with melee from inside the net if they had their knife equipped when they were netted.

Honestly if it was me and I knew the pred was just fkn with me, I’d run circles around the pred while netted.

Idk we each get our fun outa the game lol.

Btw them having to have had the knife equipped sounds a bit too hardcore lol.

I think the the net gun should act like the movies. Cant be cut hard to escape from. Should kill you if left on for a long period of time. If pinned does dbl damage and cant be self escaped from. Requires ft player to hold square to release the pinned player and the pined player is downed from the net after being freed

If they did that, it would need to be moved to equipment and reduced to like 3 ammo, 5 with large pouch.

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It would be better than the waste of a weapon it is now

I don’t understand. You don’t think it’s a good weapon as is?

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