The Original

Just looking at one of my like 6 copies of the original film. And wow what an amazing movie that really changed my life and set the standard for me as a kid. And man what a miss with this game. If you coulda just play tested the thing till the real feeling of that movie played out on the FT side. Obviously the “feel” of the predator game play is always gonna be subjective. But what everyone wants from the FT side of things is to feel like the final few members of the Original team. Paranoid, scared, and just trying to survive. At no point ever do you feel that in this game. I used to say these things in hopes something would change but after a year and some change I have absolutely 0 hope anything substantial will change atmospherically. You’ve made the predators gameplay so one dimensional that him just leaping around shooting plasma does not invoke any fear whatsoever. You don’t feel like you’re in any real danger until a 159 damage bolt goes through a tree and downs you. Which is not scary or exciting it’s lame. That being said you can’t blame anyone for using this. You just die to good teams trying anything else. Such high hopes for this one smh


Buff FT

Buff Pred

Buff AI

Nerf DLC


Buff tree branches Nerf Minigun

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Buff knife

Buff parry

Nerf pigs

Buff time limit

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Buff flash bang

Mud, silencers, environmental traps.
Pred really shouldn’t have been given FT vision at all, talk about ruining immersion.

Should’ve been cat and mouse instead its HAHAHA LMG GO BRRRRRT with terrible AI. AI shouldnt even be on the table if they’re not going to handle it more like Hunt:Showdown. The fireteam is playing their own game independent of any interaction from the pred player, objectives do not involve the pred at all you just run around pushing the interact button and knifing props at most.
Nonsensical design decision and probably because FT gameplay is an unreal engine asset flip with AI spawners they just ripped off the marketplace.

Really was a missed opportunity for a very tense unforgiving stealth game.
But an arena shooter feels more “fair.”

I’d rather everything be OP w/ counterplay in smaller games like this rather than the devs fear trying anything incase its unbalanced. Instead they just stack health and it feels like you’re just racing against healthbars.


I am now digesting the fact the game won’t be a TRUE predator experience and more of an arcade shoot em up with some moments that you wished truly happened time and time again to pull you into the lore and story that made Predator awesome.

They bit off more than they could chew in regards to creating a wholesome, intense, scary and feeling like you’re being chased the entire time, predator experience.

Instead, everyone fires at everything, New people have zero idea what predator is even about or even why they do the simple things in the game like “mud up”.

The entire concept goes over peoples heads that are new to the IP and unfortunately is hurting this game even more.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get even more of a bad rep and can be resurrected into something we can all love and adore for years to come. Illfonic or not.


It’s the same effect as DBD.

A slasher killing people is unfun so instead you hook them all a billion times and farm them for points in the most arcadey form possible. Hate it. I actually think F13 was way way better in concept than DBD since it didnt discourage interaction with the killer and there were a lot of people in the same match with enough diverse options for escape or fighting jason. If people died it was ok, F13 didn’t feel arcadey. If people die in PHG holy shit stop the presses nerf pred now the unbalanced horror where are the multiple second chances? Granted PHG has a higher skill ceiling than any ive seen in an asymmetrical in awhile, but theyre terrified of even rewarding pred for headshots.

idk what happened between F13 to current day illfonic, maybe its because they settled for 4v1 instead of giving us big lobbies like in F13.
I think illfonic has good, original concepts for games they’re just not that experienced in execution of pvp games. Hence the preds roster of 500 melee weapons.


Am I the only one who looks at this game like a regular PVP shooter instead of a Predator simulator?

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make them 4 times larger and give them 10 hits of Hyper Armor and a Bad Attitude!!
I want piggies flattening and flipping FT like Pancakes, Running Down AI, and Crushing Preds beneath their hooves like they
Protecting The Great Forest Spirit!!!
If all but one Pig is killed it will grow another 4 times in size turn white evolve the ability to mouthbeam and will travel with a hoard of at least 6 other pigs but they have superior senses X-Ray Vision and there only weak spot is their Asshole which you have to stick your arm in with an interaction and show IT who’s BOSS.
Oh yeah the Big Pig explodes upon its death covering a huge radius in Toxic Bacon Grease EXCEPT the one that landed the final Blow that Lucky SOB gets full health and the ability to Backhand Bitchslap anyone into Oblivion with the Left Hand of God!!
There Can Be Only One!!
We’ll call this update
Porky’s Hamming Grounds
Are ya achin?
For some Bacon?

That’s exactly what this game is

Ya and what’s wrong with that?

It’s a poorly designed shooter which it shouldn’t be but what’s wrong with a shooter just being a shooter? Why does it have to simulate the first movie?

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because the point of Predator isn’t overwhelming it with firepower.
Even then it’d be one thing if that was just one option of several.
Its just kill pred and speedrun objectives during downtime.
Like if every round of F13 was either putting gas in the car to leave or killing jason with nothing to do in between that.

People want mindgames and thats pretty key for replayability in pvp games in general.
There’s no mix-ups if you get where we’re coming from. You’re either mashing that interact button or dpsing the pred. No one wants to do shooter fetch quests vs bad AI that has no effect on the other team in the game either, it’d be a different story if FT had objectives that napalmed parts of the map or locked down areas and such. But nope, go get 5 water samples and push the interact button on these alarms.

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But that’s the design of the game

What op wants is for the game to be a Predator 87 simulator.

The only way to deliver the movie experience is if the game was designed as a single player experience

Cause it’s a game… based on that source material? Lol. That’s like. Objectively wrong to take source material and bastardize it

It’s based on it but it’s still just a shooter. It’s not supposed to make you feel like bat-Predator 87.

Besides how do you propose we even do this?

Also it’s not objectivly wrong to do anything with source material unless it contradicts lore which this game doesn’t doesn’t.

This game straight up contradicts the film in numerous ways. Don’t believe me? Awesome. Let’s get into it! Plasma caster blowing limbs off. Plasma caster tearing holes in people. Wrist blade ripping through someone’s chest. In this game, the sponges, I mean ft. Soak up the delicious damage. And same on the predator end. You EAT bullets. I mean you feel squishy but in all reality, you are getting shot point blank by a full mag from an auto shotgun and not dead. In the AVP game, the predator was VERY lethal and scary, but died in one double pump from the shotty and a good burst from the pulse rifle. You don’t need everyone to munch to make a decent game. ALSO. The predator in that film is not being partied lol. This game set out to please casual gamers in fear that if it was harder, and a much higher skill cap to reward good players, it would not work out, but surprise surprise. It had short term success. The game will die before year 2 is up, NOT THAT I WANT THAT it’s just the path we are on

Seperation of gamepy and lore. Literally almost every game does this.

Do you really think Cod protagonist can regenerate wounds?

Or RE protagonist getting bit by zombies?

Or ME allies getting knocked down?

Your taking gameplay and going “LORE” when that’s not how that works as shown by multiple games.

Siege, counter strike, those games are hardcore and don’t rely on any sort of previous canon.

And if your saying this game needs to simulate Predator where the Predator is op and soldiers being helpless then your looking at a bad game.

Since that’s what Predator 87 was. And if you want that feeling your going to have to do that.

You essentially want a simulator.

And I know your not talking about gameplay quality because we already agree

I’m curious not judging just trying to understand your perspective, did you come into this game as a Predator fan or as a gamer who was also a Predator fan.

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You’re trying to set a narrative and it’s not gonna work lol. (Teasing) I’m plat in siege and apex and rank 1 in DBD. Not saying I’m a crazy good gamer but definitely above average. I’m not saying this game is bad because I’m some old predator fan. It’s just not very good straight up. It’s not competitive, which is fine. But for an “arcade” game. It’s extremely boring. 0 variety. And it doesn’t follow the atmosphere of the original film whatsoever. Just an overall miss

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