the predator is still the prey ....

with the fact that waiting queu are back to 8-10 min i have lost every interest of playing the predator
I remember an idiot told me in a post a few days ago to then play commando , as dumb as he was he was right !!!
it’s better to be the prey for the remaining month of this game than the predator and hope to face only PS4 player every game


Just curious, what would u change in regards to the Predator and Fire Team balance?

I would remove marking (not the ability to spot!) of cloaked predators. That would balance the game


a good start would be to do something about the fact that the predator is not stealthy at all + he is noisy as fuck
the hunter and the scout (especialy the scout) shouldn’t have Trex’s footstep
reduce the noise and reduce the visibility of the predator when he’s invisible and moves slowly
remove spotting
if the predator can finaly be sneaky ,he will finally be able to harass the commando and wait the opportunity to act
actualy decent fire team will always spot you and you will get shot as soon you try something.
because the predator is not discreet trees are fucking bait
RP-103 need some change it’s actualy better than the S-R3D but it has a better range (imagine facing 4 support with RP-103 you can’t win with a ranged play style because they have to many medikit and ammo and if you try to go for a melee play style they will shred you => choose your death)


Waiting times should get better now they’ve changed the weekly challenge and made it Exfil as Fireteam. Daily Challenges that need to be completed as Predator are fine, but as a Weekly? Means everyone who needs VT and usually mains FT has to switch, meaning less FT players for matches and more Predator players than usual. Illfonic didn’t think that through obviously, but realised quickly how it’s an issue and have shown they’re listening once again. Credit where it’s due.


Provide game modes with more than 1 pred to cut down the clogging of people playing pred.

The HUNT gamemode can be that mode where you wanna do it alone.

Time for squads of preds to begin their mass hunt ;)

2 predators 6 ft members


They’ve already reduced the noise made by Predators and the difference is very noticeable. It’s where it should be now.
Stop confusing the cloaking as being invisible. It’s not. You’re moving around, the cloak is manipulating light and so will obviously be visible to some degree. They’ve reduced the time required to be completely invisible when stood still. Again, it’s good where it is now.
Me and my teammates have been beaten by Scouts a few times. You can no longer be complacent against them, because a good Scout Predator can have you disoriented and separated quickly, then pick you off individually. Before you have time to regain your coordination, it’s game over.
Since the update, Fireteam can no longer use a “one size fits all” strategy against the Predator player. Coordinated FT will always be a tough challenge no matter what changes are made. We can adapt to changes quicker unlike Predator players it seems, and that’s not a sleight on them before someone gets butthurt ok.
But constant nerfs here and buffs there to either side isn’t the answer.

Just my two cents.


Also I’m all for playing buggy games so long as you are playing the game.

They need to focus on keeping gamers engaged and playing instead of sitting and waiting in lobbies.

This needs to be done ASAP.


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.Against decent fire team you will always get spotted before you reach them (or sometime you will eat some sniper shot from nowhere …
more over there is no point to split , stay grouped and everything will be fine
more over nothing prevent fireteam to just spam ping if they think you are there (nothing better than seeing some fire team member look at each trees in the direction they think you are => you have been spotted run for your life)

i would love a game mod like this but the game is already in a bad spot they can’t add it now
it would be even more difficult to balance the game (even if they do a separeted balance)
2 pred on mic would be realy strong :-if they leap slam at the same time they will down everyone in range

  • if they place well there is nowhere to hide
    -there is so many thing you can do as 2 coordinate predator …
    on the other hand 2 random predator would be a coinflip if 1 (or both) of them is bad it’s over you are against 6 fire team member now …

those complain also work with the fireteam , a decent 6 stack would be insane to beat .But if there is one or more dead weights in the fire team it will be super hard for them

2 preds 10 ft! Lol

Yea I think the camouflage works fine and is fairly lore friendly.

I’m also fine with the sounds the Predator makes, I just wish they were less directional. Make em echo a tad more, making it harder to pinpoint their location. Altho, I guess that might make the audio decoys a tad useless.


If only all FT players understood this🙄 It only takes one random FT player to go off wandering, and it can seriously affect the other 3.

And at 200m I can see a small bird flying across the sky, so a 9ft alien soaring from tree to tree against a clear blue sky should be able to be spotted. Knowing this, Predator players should be more mindful of their surroundings at all times.

They would probably need to implement a proximity parameter to the sound location, so the further you are from the Predator the less accurate the Predator sounds are in terms of direction, if that makes sense.

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a clear blue sky … lets forgot that canopy exist and that he’s cloaked
if he’s just jumping like a dummy thats normal to get spot but there is no difference between a sneaky approach and just jumping like a dummy
you will see him the sad part is that you will sometime spot him way more easily when cloaked because it emerges even more from the landscape and attracts attention

I’ve been on plenty of matches where the Predator hasn’t revealed itself or been detected until mid way through the match. Couldn’t see any of the usual signs of his presence or movement only heard the occasional mandible clicks but that’s all. It really puts the team on edge, like “Why hasn’t he engaged already?”. Suddenly he’s right on top of us, causing chaos and doing damage. So it’s possible to be stealthy as Predator…
And any half decent Predator can get spotted repeatedly and still win against a well coordinated FT. The thing is to not let being spotted pressure you and break your focus on the task at hand, murdering humans and claiming skulls.

there is 3 possibility
.he just didn’t find you (thats what happen when fire team use mud well and now how to be discreet)
and he has passed to some resumption near you

. he find you but he was just standing immobile waiting for an opportunity (that never came , thats why he tried nothing)

.it was a sound decoy placed earlier in places where commandos tend to come (with probably sensor)

I would take away reinforcements and instead have players each with a set of paddles to bring back a dead ft member at half health. I would also add in-game power ups for fireteam while taking away the ability to stop pred combo with a knife. I would also disconnect leaping from stamina. Give predator a good not great splash damage weapon maybe make ft think first before clustering together for safety. Give the predator telescopic vision for sniping only when mask is in tact. Give the ft a low damage electric dart secondary weopen that while active will not allow cloaking. Explosive traps for fireteam. Also ability to poison pigs for ft.

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The predator isn’t a threat if you stay together. He attacks all 4 just hose him. They don’t have a splash weapon so there’s no downside to sticking together at all.

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