The Presidential Debate was funny as shit

I’m not getting into politics here, for real I don’t want to divulge my side, but if you know me, you probably know what side I fall on. Anyway, that was hilarious, can’t wait for the next one


Middle school debate class on all sides lol

I listened for 2 min on my way to the fridge before I broke out into laughter. Can’t wait to watch the rest later with a bag of popcorn.

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Yes, children throwing tantrums is always hilarious. The world sees what a child who never grew up looks like. A rich piece of shit that’s been handed everything in life. Never worked a day in his life. And yet, complains and wines endlessly about how “unfair” everything is. It’s all very amusing. Especially if you’re Russian.

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The last thing that should be posted on this forum is anything related to politics. This shit is already toxic, now you’re asking for a civil fucking war

ah but you see, I’m mocking politics. There’s a difference. This isn’t about democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, this is about laughing at the debate. No matter what side you are, if you have any sense of humor at all, you should be able to laugh at what just transpired


Politics is a funny thing after you drop the notion of sides. On a more interesting note, from the director of intelligence this morning on the subject of russian superhackers.

Whoever wins, we lose as per usual just like the Hillary/Bernie situation while pretending any of this matters & concern trolling whatever flavor of the month narrative instead etc etc


Wallace basically protected Biden the whole time, and Trump was debating both of them. He did really well. Biden was in the back foot the whole way with false accusations and even insults.

Wallace calling Proud Boys a White Supremacist movement should’ve been corrected.

And if you believe Biden didn’t have a wire, then I’ve got some beachfront property in Florida to sell you.

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Best “Gotcha Bitch” moment was when Biden tried to get Trump on his taxes, and Trump hit him with "I was using the tax guidelines and rules set up by yours and Obama’s Administration"🤣🤣 Fox should’ve had that “end this man’s career” gif at that point 🤣

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Kind of crazy how the press IMMEDIATELY ran with this as the new boogeyman of the week but nothing new I suppose. I guess boogaloo boys being “loosely organized by 15 guys in a discord server” wasn’t scary enough for the average viewer, last year it was all about the alt-right taking over the world. Fear campaigning since the cold war

Thank you… Its appreciated, I would have jumped in alot sooner but I wasn’t tagged on the thread. I think the debate went well but my feelings got hurt when I was called a clown, I’m like a prize fighter and work my best with what my opponent comes forward with, which wasn’t much but I put that down to he needed to use the bathroom

You’ve got this!! 4 more beautiful years of leftist tears 😈


The real winner was definitely Kanye

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Trump is a shrewd businessman and greedy as fuck no doubt about it. He may even be a crook for avoiding paying his taxes

But Biden is working with the Communists

Communism will not be welcomed in America with open arms but with the barrels of many many rifles

I’ll admit it was troubling that Trump couldn’t say fuck white supremacists

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Heck yesss 🦾

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Funny when you forget Trump lied about everything, and has 200,000+ dead Americans on his hands, has kids in cages at the border, raped kids with epstein, who didn’t kill himself, oh and Qanon is Jim Watkins who’s also a pedophile too so basically any Trump supporter is a massive hypocritical piece of shit.

Biden IS funny TOO…When you forget that he himself is a rapey walking gaffe who risked the fate of the planet to run a vanity campaign, effectively stealing Bernie 2020 from the globe, and ensuring we only get band aids on hemorrhages.

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Stop with your bullshit red-scare already grandpa.
The Russians are capitalist nazis now. They’re what we’re about to become already, and most of you aren’t even going to complain when it happens. You’ll clap, and you’ll cheer, because you’re too stupid to see what’s happening because you still think the cold war is going on.

The Chinese aren’t

Petty insults might work on you but they don’t work on me

Trump supporters forgetting he’s 300lbs, demented, doesn’t work out, and has spent more time throwing tantrums, getting impeached and playing golf than running the country.

The Chinese are ALSO massively capitalist now, what fucking rock are you living under? Also if you’re scared of their surveillance…so am I? But we already have that happening here. It’s just less blatant.