there is an easy fix for -1 lvl if devs care about it

guys pls just tell your dev team to return “Max_Level” on error/exception than “-1”
like this ppl can use their loadouts in lobby
when this “bug” happens to pred its fucked up …waiting 5-10 mins and this happens


This bug sucks.

This bug is also why your most effective loadout should be your default so that you are not fucked

i know my dude …

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This is also Illfonic they do not know of thw phrase easy fix lol!

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they dont even think its a problem xD

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been sasying for ages i wont be buying any content untill long standing bugs are fixed.

Losing loudouts / items randomy in certain loadouts
-1 level bug
etc etc

They are too content focused because $$$

SSo i wont give them any $$$ and i dont want or need any content…
but id buy it to say thanks for caring about the game state and fixing bugs!

Speak with your wallets people


its really pathetic if you think this bug can be fixed with 1 line of code but they dont* give a shit …

then hire more programmers and get on it…

no excuses

youre the one saying 1 line of code can fix it?! i dont understand your tone saying im pathetic for thinking something you said? wut?

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Or you know make them go into the offices so that work can be pre-checked by another person right then and there!

Its fucking crazy! Im sure all of them have the vaccine at this point. Or atleast the first part of it!

Even if they had to split the office days between the teams more work would get done if they were in the office

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they dont care my dude , office or no office
this specific bug can be solved in 30 seconds and still is there from day 1

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Maybe it cant tho. Maybe the bug is so ingrained into the code they dont know how to fix it without breaking something else!

not really . its a classic exception in database , actually 1 line of code
they just dont care

ps: i work in it

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Work in what? Coding? Then donate your time and help them fix it.

If you say its so easy then it should be a problem for you to donate your time and help them fix it !

how i can fix it for them xD
i just told them what to do (change 1 value )
its not something i can fix (for me it would be hard , i need to reverse the game , change the value and then compile the game again , and i dont think they would let me connect to their servers if i done that more like they gonna ban me xD)
thats why i told them where exactly the bug is so they can fix it (or you know , remember it exist)

first they would have to define the -1 thing as an error or exception.

I bet its not even a handled exception. so before your solution would work it would have to be defined as such

and wouldnt your solution just grant any player experiencing that error level 150. ie max level? so then they would have access to classes and items not yet unlocked in the game?

Or would you define Max level as something new and seperate to the actual levels unlocked ?

the -1 return value is probably exception in database connectivity , like ifFailsToGetLvl {return-1;}
they just need to make it “return Max_Level;”

if you check how the error works now it just resets to your real lvl after the game (or after you quit the lobby) so it wont cause problems

How come you say this and people are like yeah! I say this and everyone’s like no fuck you llama lol

a simpler solution would be a 5 second delay once in lobbyu that then re-checks the players actual level.

hahaha idk dude. i must just be a lovable face or something haha

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