These Brain-dead Zerkers Gotta Stop

Fearless, Sickle/Elder Sword doesn’t make you good. Just makes you look like a fool with a single brain cell. Not to mention, it makes us good preds look bad. Please learn how to play the game…


It doesn’t make me look good it makes me look great! XD

Serious note my favorite build right now


Yautja Bow

Audio decoys

Long jump
Large pouch

I mix up my melee and long range plays, but this build gives me decent tank, loads of health plus pigs. I also have long jump for easier escapes. I like sickle on viking because already has built in fearless. Bow for more stealthy harassment and caster when they group up. Audio decoys for when I heal. Trackers for more common areas and reinforcement point so I know where they are at all times.


Did you die to it or kill them?
Cause if they killed you then I gotta say nice lol.


We ran into brain-dead zerkers 80% of our matches tonight. Beat most of em, but they heavily relied on bullshit. I used to run it, got bored. It’s easy and skilless. You wanna fear a pred? Scouts, Alphas, and Elders. They usually don’t fuck around


Ok what bullshit?
Because if they used pure melee we usually run through them alot when I play ft.

And it’s been Like that for months.
Running melee was a but easier back In the day, but not anymore.

It’s not even effective anymore not vs a good team.
So if you got killed by a pure melee user, nah son, that ain’t easy or skillless.

I wish it was more effective cause I hate being forced to play only range.
Cause if in honest, only using one thing isnt really effective.
So I hate not having a valid melee option anymore.

And for the most part pure range styles are kind of a bitch playstyle.

As for each class you’ve mentioned, it’s super hit or miss.
I only ever see decent scouts, a huge number of alphas and elders suck.

I’ve tried using scout recently and it just does not feel as good as the hunter.

On a related note I get sick and tired of all the hate for pred melee.
Ppl complain about it, yet guns and skillless and for pussies xD.

As in bullshit, I mean the game being bad. I used to be able to solo zerkers. Now, it’s hit for hit even if I have stamina. Just ask @i_R_Old_Gregg. We were having a good time with some of our buddies earlier tonight and I got fucked by a lot of malfunctioning game mechanics. Sometimes the parry doesn’t go through despite prediction and aim.

Ya parry has been fkn up alot but have you seen the tracking on pred lately?

Non existent.
But that isn’t the preds fault.

However, vs a good team one parry typically gets the pred killed now a days.
It’s been like that for a while tho, just super amplified after 2.0.

The only thing I can tell you is to try moving back like 2 or 3 feet away from pred to parry.
For I wanna say a month, parry hasn’t worked if you’re touching bodies with the pred.

Hopefully it helps.

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Your basic average Agro Berserker coming in hard with a Combi stick either Downs everybody real quick like no skill or gets busted up real fast doesn’t even take a full heal comes back in and dies really quick less than 5 minutes into a match usually that’s my big issue with the big guy other than rocking him on the big map

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If their wiping ppl quick then they have some skill given how ft has the complete advantage in terms of dps.

Lol ppl just hate melee.


It sounds like your team was split up. No other reason melee based builds are going to be successful

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Most of the time, someone got real unlucky split up for just a moment and got picked off. We came over there, shot em up while quick claiming, and Ironside or Impen gave him an easy claim with only minimal damage taken.

However, the fact still stands that it’s not a skillful play. Tell me, how hard is it to spam R2 and jump around avoiding melee and weapons fire? Hm? Not very. Now tell me how hard it is to use the bow effectively while maintaining distance and stealth? These preds relied solely on their brainlet plays and got away with it. A couple of em even teabagged like they were some kind of good. Real shame.

We all know I’m not wrong, though. It’s just hard to swallow it since the game is so damn imbalanced that people need to resort to this kind of crap to win. Maybe if Illfonic hadn’t given a gun to a child, so to speak, we’d have more able Predators about. Not to mention parrying has been horrible for a little while. Like I said before, I used to be able to parry almost every single attack while I had stamina. Now I look like a damn noob despite my hours and kill count. Makes a person pretty flustered, don’t ya think?

Gregg and I both agreed the only weapon of the Predator’s arsenal needing a slight nerf was the Alpha sickle. 3-4 hit down regardless. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts. At least fix parrying. That’ll make it fair to deal with alone. Having an honorable knife fight with an Alpha is certain death, given how inconsistent the parry windows are for it.

Fire, you know how I feel about nerfing ANYTHING of the Pred’s arsenal. But you can’t deny the truth behind this. That’s the reason you see so much bullshit these days. Game ain’t fair, so good games are scarce.

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Look man, I understand this is your opinion. And I understand why you feel that way. I don’t disagree 100%. But the fact is some folks just prefer melee. It’s a matter of style and preference. Some folks would argue the style of play you’re advocating is no skill while melee is the big brain play. There’s no pleasing everyone, so I say don’t try. Just play how you want 🤷‍♀️


my problem is so with Fearless +Zerker melee buff with sickle only does like 155 damage full combo so if you just play as anyone with higher than that hp and they don’t run adrenal you can just shoot them to death with one of the high dps melee weapons and they just lose cause they can’t kill you fast enough (this is assuming they didn’t start hitting you from the back)

so like the only thing you could make me agree to is maybe FT should have a perk that decreases the amount of melee dmg they take by like 20% so low hp classes don’t instant die from backstab damage


Lmfao jesus christ.
Melee pred gets shredded by ft.

So tell me, why is it spam and unskilled to use melee only, and braindead, but yet SPAMMING BULLETS and using a gun which is arguably the most pussy weapon ever known to man,
That takes skill?

All ft does is spam bullets and every single ft single handedly has the same dps as pred. If not better tbh.

So I dont understand, especially now a days. How anyone can still bitch about melee when if you get caught by one parry,
You will fucking at the very least,
Get put into sw by a good ft.

So no, you are wrong.
If you’re Dying to melee, especially after 2.0,
Its cause You and your team fucked up.

I get parry not working consistently lately Is annoying, but you’re Telling me that using melee and jumping to dodge hits takes no skill?

No, fuck outa here.

And the reason this pisses me off is because you’re attitude is pretty much why melee isnt viable anymore.

Il say it again.
If you’re dying to melee now a days and getting Wiped quick, its cause your team fucked up.


Pred melee sucks now tho, why are we trying to make it worse?

Low health classes are supposed to be risky.
Why remove the risk?


People have been saying that the other way of playing video games are for pussies or is skilless since time immemorial. That being said, both really depend on Map knowledge and knowledge of FT’s current state. Ofc you wouldn’t charge into a Fresh 4 Man Sqaud at start of game unless you had a death wish or were simply playing against potatos.

Now, going into ranged after doing some Melee and vise versa, you’re keeping them on their toes and landing good hits all the while. I dunno why people don’t do this even with Big Boy Viking.


I do, check out my first comment on the post

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Someone likes to exaggerate