Things that should change for this game.

  1. Predator seeing mudded footprints is way too much of an advantage.
  2. The reinforcement machine should be invisible to the Predator. Setting up bear traps on it while 1 vs 1 against the Predator happens all the time. It makes it completely unbalanced.
  3. At 2 minutes left, let both the Predator and general area of the fireteam be marked. Nobody is happy when time runs out while both sides are still alive.
  4. Fireteam needs traps too. It makes sense and stays true to the 1987 movie.
  5. Fireteam needs a gun and grenade to freeze the Predator. They also should add a plasma rifle that charges up to be the most powerful shot in the game. For reference, these weapons are in the PS3 game Aliens Colonial Marines which is also a first person shooter with fireteam going against fast monsters.
  6. A future Aliens vs Predator DLC or spin off game should be made after the Cold Iron Studios Aliens game comes out. Both, Illfonic and Cold Iron Studios should correlate to make it happen. They are in the same universe. Many fans want this. Just something I think should happen within the next 5 years.

And predator gets nothing I see?
Ya no.

Right now ft has all the advantage.
Pred needs something to even out the odds.


I’ve never seen something so imbalanced (other than the recent patch) and like fire said nothing for predator


A. Its a perk

B. The FT’s strwnngth is their DPS. Not their stealth.

Tell that to the FT’s insane DPS. Let alone the amount of resources required to kill 7 FT members.

Since the pred’s strength is stealth (plus its the pred win condition against camping FT) make it only the FT. And only for a short duration.

I agree

Ya. I fon’t like the idea of freezing the pred but I’m fine with a slow down affect.


I’ve encountered these footprints…they are rarely an advantage. More like it takes several seconds to actually look at them and say…hmmm “where did they go?” before you get melted. I think actual arrows showing the path way would be a huge help otherwise they are just white dots in the mud that could be mistaken for dust. Very abstract…making no sense. There is a 1 in 3 or 4 chance that you might actually tell where they have gone to.

In mainly all cases, there is rarely enough time to do actually anything other than prepare. So to make it invisble is more of a likely chance that you WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER Encounter the predator again. You’d like that wouldnt you.

This is going way ahead of yourself. Nobody can predict what they have developed because nothing has been released.

So far, seeing mudded footprints and endless plasma ammo and endless arrows as long as you pick them back up once in a blue moon, is more than a Predator needs. Also, fireteam can only go down so many times so revives in certain situations are almost useless in the long run. Players don’t use the Predator right so they blame it to be unbalanced but even the most experienced fireteam have a very hard time holding up to the best Predator players.


1 this is a perk and yeah it’s kinda broken you can counter an entire mechanic with it but like it’s not even good as big pouch

2 you can destroy BT and if you know it’s trapped that means pred must be by it cause it won’t notify the pred if he is too far away so you could just do the mission or shoot some bullets at a far away camp and see if he picks up the thermal of course also if your good and he doesn’t have a netgun you could just kill him it only takes 3seconds or 7sniper rounds for most classes also if you’re in this position you deserve to lose in most cases due to the current strength of FT dps and healing efficiency

3 No I’m pretty happy when time runs out cause that’s a pred win condition

4yeah true I also wish pred had more gear too

  1. Your trolling I actually can’t take this seriously

6yeah aliens would be cool

7nearly endless ammo is also fine when FT have up to 200hp with up to 38% dmg reduction not including last stand and they can rez each other in a single second and get downed up to 4 times and get up to 24 full heals in a single game

Pred btw gets no more than 5 cause no FT worth their salt would ever let a pres eat a pig more than once so this is assumes pres takes 2 additional medkits

8And you can ask @Arrow_calis one of the literal best FT right now that your statement that the “best” ft are struggling against the “best” preds is a GROSS assumption to make

Before this patch there was literally a community challenge where some of the best 3-man ft faced off against some of us forum dwelling Press some of whom I can vouch for being pretty good it was 9 matches total and guess what happend not a single predator won a game…

Dude your tripping.
There is no right way to use the predator, just do/use whatever works.

You sound like you struggle with mid tier preds.

Ft does not need any more help.


I agree with fire the FT can destroy a predator in seconds. For example I was playing predator and @Kid_Scoutz can vouch for me that I’m pretty good at it. Anyway there was a full team of supports running field medic all random, and I could barley kill one after 12 minutes of just wasting there med packs and syringes i final killed them. So just health alone FT is superior and DPS.

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Sounds to me you just need to improve your FT gaming


I told you guys that Joe Hollywood is Phastma Jungla… and you wonder why he posting stuff like this.

I have no idea who Phastma jungla is

Freeze the predator? Sorry boss this ain’t it. Lobby up as predator against 4 people on coms and tell me how you feel about that


@Idunno56 @Idek @KameofWar @Xenomorph_2099 how we feel about this? Lol

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I made a post a lil ways up

Ah yes excellent points hahahah

I think this man is mentally challenged we must not verbally attack him as much as I want we can’t 😣🤣

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I do wonder if this is a troll or not tho 💀

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Yeah or possibly just needs a little more time in game. I know when I FIRST started playing it was a bit scary with the predator leaping around clapping everyone. Then day two happened hahah

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You told me about how aids it was. It is especially if you are already dealing with a guy shooting at you and the guy you clapped gets back up in seconds with a bit more health then he had before he was downed. Madness. I always kill the first Field medic I see.