This game needs a offline single player mode

This game needs a offline single player mode based the the predator solely. We bought a predator to play as the PREDATOR.


100 agree


Hopefully down the road we get BOTS.


We need something, cause I d like to play it after it dies…


Same here bro

Cause I fear it won’t survive the summer, all playing this game did was make me want a Predator game that a mix between Arkham games and assassins creed, were I can roam around and do shit!! Lol


Yeah idk what the play base will be in a few years but I’m a huge predator fan and will most likely play this game for many many years.


Yeah for sure 100%

I have been harsh towards this game but how could I not look at this studio’s track record. Like sometimes I just go into private mode as Predator and hunt the ai just to enjoy him.

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Yeah I’ve done the same to avoid the long queue times. I just wish there were more then 12-15 AI and more patrols or something.

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They do, some people don’t know but if you go in private match and ready up (as pred or FT) you have yourself a bot single player mode

Oh no, you are the whiner from a few days ago

Bots for the fireteam would be nice and a completely in depth campaign mode for both the Predator and the fire team would be awesome. Then you could add in the aliens and then space marines and all the awesome content from the entire Predator franchise!


I do think it should be for both humans and Predators not just one faction.


I didn’t buy this just to play as the Predator. I like playing as the Fireteam.

They would need a big improvement on AI for FT. I mean look how bad the Bots were in F13.

If they pander and add an offline mode you’re getting the same game but with everyone AI, like Instant Action on Battlefront 2, and as the AI is set to be 80s movie stupid henchman fucks it won’t be that fun and it’ll feel lifeless. I’d rather they just focus on more maps at this point.

Could be something that comes later like it did with Friday the 13th.

Arnold said that he did some voice work for a Predator game. Maybe there will be a small single player campaign and we play as Dutch.