Thomas bros case (impact on this game)

Does anyone know of with the conclusion of this case, would it have any impact on Predator as a whole?

Could we be receiving more updates regarding the franchise and the game?

Don’t really get what it entirely entails and hope it means some positive and good stuff coming to our beloved franchise

#YearOfTheYautja baby!

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most likely this amounts to literally nothing. It turns out they aren’t going to get the rights. So whatever, the balls in Disney’s court. May they come out with AVP Capcom 2 after all.

My hope was illfonic couldn’t speak upon the game due to what was going on.

Hope that with the light of this news it brings:

More information regarding the game itself.

More speculation to the future of the franchise.

Actual questions being answered instead of goose chases.

Just thought the win could have meant something big for the franchise.

I think the whole business with PHG is this:
Little leagues playing against the Big Leagues and well this happens:

…but I could be wrong.
Is PHG an addiction like strong ass coke or is it a joint ,just getting you high for a bit.
Not like this video makes any sense at the end.


It’s the publisher, nothing to do with the suit. And they don’t really communicate in general. They own arcadegeddon and I don’t think there’s any actual communication there. This is how they choose to run things, same way Rockstar never talks about their vision for RDO and instead just drops random stuff.

The updates slowed down because they couldn’t keep up with the year 1 schedule. Hell the year 1 stuff was likely done before they even released it.

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They have shown a ton of things in their other game that they could full on implement into phg:

  1. Leaderboards
  2. Career stats.
  3. They even showed their roadmap for a decent amount of the near future.
  4. Not to mention stream the game significantly more than PHG for obvious reasons up till this point.

So it’s tough for me to swallow that they have literally just left this game up in the attic, while they catered to their other project with stuff this IP could have surely benefited from.

Someone’s telling them not to do it (glass ceiling PHG) and I figured this case could have blown the lid off stuff.

Idk my poor aching predator fan heart just thought it could have lead to positive news about the franchise as a whole.

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There’s a possibility the lawsuit prevented them from releasing any future info, as Kass said there would be more info about the next roadmap in the December update…and its now January 16th. But I doubt that possibility as its not the same legal circumstances that brought F13 down, otherwise there likely would have been no Pred DLC at all. And whether you want to believe it or not, Illfonic probably is starting to or has long since started to abandon this game for other projects. They’re a small dev team, they can’t be bouncing between three mid-profile titles at once. Especially since Ghostbusters is a hot property right now, I’d bet 95% of the team is on that project currently. I’m sure we’ll get some kind of news come February with the next update, either in the form of a new roadmap, or the announcement of the end of development with only occasional updates.

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I mean, if we look at certain trailers, they had CH’s Combistick in the trailer. If that isn’t proof that they drip fed most of year 1, Idk what does.

Hell, we had Wolf’s roar in one of the trailers that was most likely a pre-release edit but hey, ya never know since Wolf is apparently in the string files now shrugs.


Yep then they can pat themselves on the back for releasing “community requested content” post launch that was already ready.

They don’t own PHG, they’re just contracted to work on it for a period of time. Sony owns it.

I get them putting all the effort in the game they actually own and published but the halfassery sucks. Nothings stopping them from saying “no we’re not releasing 3v16 or whatever” its just all the stringing people along.

I said it would be after the December update.

Nope, we are still working on PHG.


Stoked =D

Oh good. I’m expecting wonderful things.

Here’s to hoping you guys get it together.

You need funding, you know who to ask, us.