since Marshaen Lynch was so popular let’s brainstorm other athletes we could put in the game! Would love to see what Tiger Woods could do against my Pred!

Lance Hendrickson, not a sports star but I’d like him brought back into the canon.


Tiger Woods plays golf you dishwasher! What next Bobby Fischer?

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Fisher would be sweet! Master tactician!!

You need to pump up your game son! I dont get you!

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All art isn’t for mass consumption PLEB

MEME YOUR SHIT BUTCH! U will never understand the art of meme unless you practice!

Give me Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel while you’re at it, also have Nux Taku voice Zeus during Halloween.

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Nah, man. Some paralympian would be perfect xD



No no, Elin Nordgren! She beat the shit out of Tiger with his golf clubs. Imagine how much melee damage she could do to a Pred with 9 iron!

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