Tired of Only Being Able to Queue FT

Illfonic, for a game called Predator, it is a test of patience to actually GET to play Predator. The only way to be able to consistently play this game without 20-30 minute gaps between gameplay is to queue FT. I play FT plenty (probably 8-10 FT matches to every 1 Pred match) but I bought this game to play as Pred, not FT. Please do SOMETHING to make playing as the title character more viable. PLEASE!

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Totally understandable but the issue is that there are too many people who want to do the same as you. They all want to play pred. There aren’t enough FT players to go round. They should just put 5 people in a lobby and have them choose a preference and let the game randomly choose a pred out of the player that picked him as their preference.


I recommend distracting yourself while in queue for Predator.


It’s simply the fact that people want to play as Predator, is why people can’t play Predator. Funny how that works.


They did, the daily challenges. It worked for a while, then they raised the level cap and removed the fireteam incentive. So now it’s back to the drawing board.
Let’s face it either more people start having fun playing FT or more YouTube channels are gaining subscribers

I totally feel you. I bought the game with dreams of playing as Predator only to end up playing FT 99.99% of the time. You think it’s bad now? Just wait until Tuesday when EVERYONE wants to play with the new Samurai Predator that they’ve just paid for 🤣🤣🤣

Simple temporary solution would be a single player campaign for Predator.

Or instead of weekly veritanium give us every week 1 mithic item(not shader). This will inspire players to play ft even more.

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Matchmaking for me is usually 5-6 mins as predator (ps4/USA) sometimes 15-20 during non peak hours.

No random queues… if you put someone in a lobby that wants to play pred… they will just leave… when all my challenges are done the last thing I want to do is play ft.

Challenge issues
All the challenges can be done in solo private beside predator bio mask/ damage/ and defuse. Everything else is solo private match…

The challenges are terrible. Especially netgun challenge… you get out of netgun in 1.5 sec… not even fast enough to help your buddy out

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That’s true, the challenges are very bad designed. I often try to do them with quickplay. Some dailies take 1 or 2 matches and for others like “win 10 matches as FT” get you to play a couple of hours. In my opinion a daily challenge should be completed in 1 hour max.

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I feel like Predator challenges should be included as extra credit whenever FT challenges are completed to reward Players who know and mastered both sides of the game.

jw… has anyone ever gotten to play as predator while queueueing as no pref? bc ive done it like 20 tiems now and never gotten pred. i understand a lot of people are queuing as pred only (which is what ive done 100% of the time up til this point) but i would think youd still get him sometimes…

I literally have time for a full meal when I que predator lol

Its happened to me one time and I queue no preference quite a bit.

At first I was confused as to why I was the Predator, then I was angry, then I was excited.

" I queued no preference…why the shit an I the predator! Wait, why am I the predator? I’m the Predator with a 39 second queue, yes!"

It was a flood of emotions.

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lol… thats… kinda sad, how many times would u estimate youve queueued as any pref?

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I’d say I queue no preference 75% of the time.

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wow… what level are you?

I’m level 150, have been for about a week.

lol thats ridiculous, that must be like a less than 1% chance to get pred and any pref

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It’s very low for sure.