Too many boars for healing predator

As an scout predator main, i feel there is too many ways for predator to heal.
Some maps are full of pigs.

Lets make an example when i play this game: firstly i want to enjoy game, when i enjoy game as an predator i feel like i am just director of movie, deciding if fireteam would enjoy match. Ofcourse i could easily takedown fireteam without any problems before they complete even first mission. But this is a problem, i want it more difficult. So even when i am scout predator i avoid eating pigs or using meds, they feels almost like cheating, even when using scout melee only. I understand that predator can have med or couple but map full of pigs are little bit overshooting, its like fireteam having infinite reinforcments.

I think you’ve been playing against too many potatoes and are in dire need of going up against some meaty teams. Try asking around to see if any team can go up against you because if you try healing with pigs against some teams around here you’re gonna get punished hard.


For every boar consumed, fireteam members get another healing syringe lol

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Randoms ignore boars, good teams know where they are and when you need them so they sit and wait or head right to them when you break contact to go heal. I’ve even used it against aggressive FTs by killing the boar to lead them there while I run away an use a healing kit


Seems like you haven’t fought any good players yet. Maybe get some games in against some good players then say this again.

Well, no matter how good fireteam is it cant beat even medicore disclipined scout spamming bow, or either of plasmas. Bow leapers thinks they are good, because it feels great, but its actually very easy way to play pred.

So stop playing like it then.

I would very happily challenge your theory someday when I have the time

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This is just flat out wrong. Just because you don’t click doesn’t mean you don’t make any sounds, the pred is still very easy to track. Also bow hopping and or “plasma spamming” is very easy to counter since the leap trajectory for pred is easy to track so you shoot where it’s gonna be or if they’re doing the little hop and shoot then just throw a grenade which will fuck up any pred. As for the “spammers” just shoot the pred as they can’t move while charging and can only shoot one person at a time.



I’ll take that bet

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Assemble @REYNOSO_FUA11 @Elliott626 @GetToLaChappa


Until someone has felt the wrath of the “beamed up” Pigs, I’d be in favor of a SET amount of Pigs around the map, with varying amounts of health you recieve, depending on when you killed it.

Fresher Pigs, more health, FT can kill em to reduce the amount of heals the pred gets, just like how pred can destroy ft ammo.

Call me crazy, but it would be awesome having to worry about mindlessly eating the Pigs or FT killing them for “no reason”.

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I’m a hybrid player and I can tell you from experience that what you’re saying sounds like you’re not going up against competent teams. It sounds as if you’re only playing against potato players that don’t know how to properly play the game I.e. using scout duelist with a shotgun.


That’s the majority of public matches.

Not everybody is a “death squad”. In fact. They’re not even the minority in this game. They’re a rarity.

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This is true. I find I have to hold back against most teams if I want the game to go longer than two minutes 😞

But when you get a good one, holy hell watch out

Feast or famine can really catch you off guard

True but it’s best not to ask for balance changes for everyone if the OP is just looking for more challenging opponents.