Toxicity in matches

With the game being out only a week I’m seeing a lot of toxicity in matches whether that be teammates trash talking eachother, trash talking the predator etc. To me it sounds like it’s becoming more common. Is it possible this game can rival DBD’s toxic community? What do you guys think of this situation.


I’ve turned off my mic so I can use the Xbox app on pc and turned off proximity so I don’t hear them. Can’t get messages from them anyway.

Lol I don’t think anything could rival the toxicity found in DbD’s community. That is legit the WORST community ever seen in this industry.


Games like this will always harbour toxic players, all games these days contain toxic people because they thinking it’s edgy.

Dropshotting, camping, teabaging, trash talk really anything, no one plays for enjoyment anymore they play to piss others off and do anything to win.

Teabaging use to be a laugh (halo 3/ cod 4 days) a sign of fun and a joke around but now it literally is only done out of disrespect.


I dont care, i have the power to turn off voice, so i turn off voice. Never been an issue, why have it on in a pvp game, we all know how many retards owns a gaming platform.

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How can you even hear the fireteam? I hear nada and they arnt muted

For now lol. I get a bad feeling things will only go downhill from here. Maybe in a years time it’ll come close lol

Sad but true.

Yea I actually feared this game would lead to some toxicity because of how strong the fire team is and I’m not talking about balance or anything like that, but I’d assume your survivors and counselors from DbD and F13 will eventually migrate over here to play as the Fire Team, well now you’ve given those players (who expect to win with little to NO weapons in those games) an armory full of items designed to kill the ‘power role’. It’s just a damn toxic stew ready to boil over. Imagine giving the Claudettes and Megs of DbD a damn grenade launcher.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been too bad yet.

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lol Just had Fire Team quit the game after I downed 3 of them. Wanted to let the 4th to call reinforcement, but seems they want much easier games to have.

That’s a stinger. Even worse for the guy that stayed though.

I gotta admit I do sometimes being so toxic to others when I’m playing as FT. Theres frustrations when people just keep doing stupid thing like gathers around too closely to each other results in getting charged plasma and downed all of us, Going out alone, etc. I did sometimes can’t control myself and yell at them (which I really against it but yeah. Frustrations.) So I’ve tried to find way to reduce the stress and toxicity. Game off for like ten or fifteen minutes. Find something to watch on youtube and relaxed abit. Try to enjoy the game, encourage and suggests what to do next when playing as FT. Teamwork is a key to play as FT.

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Well that’s understandable. But sometimes people people go just a little bit far lol. But yes I can’t stress that enough. If you’re not having a good time and it’s only making you angry just do something else for the rest of the day.

I dont understand why people whine and bitch so much about toxicity in games. No one ever claimed mw lobbies where toxic, people would just talk shit back.

I cant stress this enough. Someone calling you out for sucking or calling you a bitch or anything along those lines really ain’t toxic. I mean you’re trying to kill each other, makes sense to have ima fuck you up and slut your throat attitude.

Racism is a bit toxic but if a persona racist they’re pretty much a lost cause anyway, not worth anything.

Things that are actually toxic are extremely bad relationships where there is abuse. People who are being ignorant and gathering in groups even though we need to stay away from each other. That’s toxic.

Yall need to stop being sensitive. Learn to talk shit back, or joke around with it, if you cant then just mute them.
Death threats, like someone actually saying they’re gonna find you and kill you is about the only thing that’s a serious problem.

I was waiting for a reply like this lmfao. Me personally I find it hilarious. And no one here in this thread seems upset about it. Just starting a discussion and comparing it to dead by daylight. No need to get your panties in a bunch :)

Hey man I’m not tryna talk shit here I’m being serious. Every game, literally every game doesn’t matter the genre people always complain about things being toxic.

It gets thrown around too much. Rarely are things actually toxic. But alot of the time people complain about toxicity because they just want to try and censor things they dont want to hear. It’s a problem.

Idk you asked for opinions right? Well all I’m saying is I feel theres too many sensitive snowflakes.

As for me I guess they turned off voice chat for pred and ft. Which makes me sad cause I was kinda planning on joking around with the ft. Say random shit in random voices. Try to make ppl laugh. Might just be no one has game chat on. I’m not sure.

I have it turned off. I don’t want to hear a bunch of weebs screeching.

Teabagging predates halo 3 and cod 4

I had one match where when I spawned in the entire FT left lol. Insta win. It was a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to hunting for a bit.

lol. I used to be like that on WoW. I even got reported once for calling someone names. But because of the time difference my ban was over. I was asleep while the ban was in effect lol.

lol trying to censor things they don’t want to hear. Like the LGBTQWTFBBQ people. They say “you can’t use that, it’s our word”. I’m like who’s gonna stop me lol. No one is tough anymore. Bunch of slack-jawed faggots.

I haven’t been in a game chat in like years.

When was XBOX Live Party started? Since then i aint ever head anyone but friends in party chat.

I don’t know why yall do it to yourselves lol