Toxin predator

A new Dlc predator could be the Toxin predator. Also comes with new gear called gas bomb, also should be unlockable at level 200 or something. Details for gear.

the predator stats could be.
Health- 1400
Movement speed- 9.9
Stamina- 1000
Stamina regen- 135 per second
Energy- 1200
Energy regen- 90.2 per second
Overload cool down- 10.5 seconds
Specilization- fervent, ghost, and tactition.
Gear points- 10
Perk points- 12

New passive ability, unique to this class only, called spores and what spores does is that when the predator gets to 1000, 600, and 200 hp the predator release poisonous spores from it’s body instantaneously and lasts for a minute and covers the same radius as a thermal decoy that fireteam have and it does 10 damage per second and fireteam can tell if their in the spores if the air is greenish brown (and when they take damage from an unknown source). And the gas mask takes the damage down to 5 per second.


You know you might enjoy evil dead.
It’s got stuff like this.

Off topic I know, but just thought I’d mention it.

Anyway, yeah not a bad idea.

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Thanks, and I’ll check out evil dead.


Don’t need any more DLC Preds. Devs should focus more on bux fixes, class balances and new perks/gear and weapons.


At this point it would be better just to overhaul the customization for Predator

It’s not gonna happen though and we are all wasting our time

It does feel good to express creativity though so don’t stop

I’m convinced that the DLC they have been releasing was finished long ago and they aren’t actively making new DLC

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Your 100% right the devs should focus on bug fixes, balances, and new gear/weapons and new perks. But it would be cool if this predator was added to the game.

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What’s the stamina and energy regen rate? What’s the overload cooldown?

I’ll add those now.

You want me make concept for you? I make concept and give hug?

You seem like a person that knows what a predator should be, and I was just wanting some feedback so IF I post another predator idea I’ll know what the stats should be along with passives. And my Wolf predator needs a hug, samhain used him as target practice, he is still pulling bullets out.

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Well that wasn’t very nice of Sam… Tell him he smells like that smelly smell that smells… Smelly

I will, and I’ll give Wolf your regards.

But anyway, do you think I messed up on the stats.

I do think he’s way too slow. 8.2 meters per second is the slowest Pred in the game then, a Scout with Double Time can catch him even if he’s sprinting.

I’ll take a closer look tomorrow, gotta go to bed for work

Okay, good night.

This is actually a decent concept. I like the idea of this Predator. I’d personally say the spec Tactician would make more sense seeing as the Predator is using gas bombs quite literally.

Maybe another passive is he can carry one extra gear item at half the ammo of the original amount e.g. 2 or 3, Traps instead of 5.

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14.7 movement speed?


He fuggin zoomin lmao


Here, take a look at these stats. Maybe this’ll help you get your Predator to be where you want him to be while also keeping in mind balance and plausibility against the Fireteam
Predator Classes — Predator: Hunting Grounds: Guide (

Gas concept is… Interesting. How often can this affect occur? How long does it last? Is it an instantaneous effect or does it passively leak from his model at the last location the damage threshold was reached?

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After he or she (this predator should be the first dlc to have different gender) gets to 1000, then 600, and then 200 hp is when the gas is released. The effect would last a minute. It’s instantaneous.

I literally just stuck that on their before I went to bed, he the flash 😆