Two plasma casters with alpha preadtor

So i deleted the game and downloaded it again and i tried switching my guy to the new class it doesn’t give me my second weapon does anyone know to fix it?

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So, deleting your data didn’t work? I didn’t delete ND I have the same issue with all dlc and unlocked classes. Only the standard classes seem unaffected. I posted about this as well

It is the same issue with the samurai

2 casters but only 1 main weapon

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Yeah its bull shit because if i load in my regular predators it doesn’t do that hopefully they fix it in the next update:(

I think its so weird that it’s only a few people that have this because i seen other videos of people playing and they dont have that lol

This is something QA is looking in to. Though, I don’t have more specifics other than that right now.


they had addressed it once before, when Elder was introduced, but upon Alphas release, it seems to have recurred. They’ll fix it again, don’t worry. Remember, they have a vested interest in people playing/buying DLC stuff.

Yeah because i bought the alpha figure with the code before like everyone got it so weird that it had to happen to me and other people lol hopefully they fix it soon.

Plus i looked and it shows a plasma caster below my feet in the game and it shoots from there too lmaoXD

Same bug with me

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Same thing with me, I had this problem with any predator classic couple months ago and I stopped playing the game entirely for a month. add a new bug having to me every day this week and I just unlock the alpha predator and get that same bug 2 plasma casters no secondary weapon. I’m so sick of all this bullshit that I’m quitting this game for another month to see if shit is fixed, because I have not been able to play one day this week without some bug messing my game up

Hey man i know your busy and everything but with this new update they havent fixed it and now the problem is with the new predator i am close to done with dumping money with this game Im close to giving up with this game its bs because i put all this money into the game and these little bugs can’t get fixed its ridiculous.

Yeah man now i got the same thing now with the new predator im taking a break from the game because its bs

the brand new city hunter also

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Yeah same here dude its bull shit im not dumbing anymore money into this game until they get there crap together.

Plus the roar for the new predator sounds like those little kids screaming on xbox live when they lost again I’m dead with that one they have to get rid of the beginning part the end of it actually sounds badass they need to get these drunk employees out of here lmaoXD

Let’s try something:

First, open a File Explorer window, then paste this into the address bar:
Then hit enter.

In that folder, can you .zip the “Saved” folder and email it over to

The next steps might help with the situation, but will for sure erase your custom loadouts and appearances. You will keep all progress and unlocks, but will lose all custom loadouts. If you’re willing to give this a try:

  • Ensure the game is fully closed.
  • Rename the “Saved” folder to “Saved-Backup”
  • Relaunch the game

Let us know if the double Plasma Caster persists.

This will probably work, it sounds like a corrupted .sav file under the savegames sub folder.

The alpha patch a few weeks ago corrupted my predator customisation slot 6 when I tried to change an existing class to the alpha - no matter what class I put in there I could no longer apply any cosmetic skins to the armor, skin or bio-mask.

Only fix was to delete the savegames folder - which also deleted all of my custom classes and keybindings but it worked.

@oldkinghamlet can you advise of any known bugs that may cause the dual plasma cannon or corrupted player class bug so we can avoid replicating it?

Are there certain skin and weapon combinations we should avoid for the time being?

Happened to me too


What do you recommend we do on ps4 because we can’t do stuff like that…

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