Unable to invite PS4 players to party on PC

I have my PS and Epic accounts linked and I am showing him as my friend. He is not showing as online. It doesn’t seem like the friends list communicates across platform. Is party connection cross platform not possible?


Literally the same problem me and my friends are dealing with.

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Same here :( We appear as offline

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Same problem do we have a time table on a fix

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Has anyone tried logging into fortnite on PS4 Just so you show online for your pc friend for an invite? I’m updating fortnite now to see if this will work.

I have tried everything. The crossplay invite/online status is broken. I (PC) even had my friend (PS4) log into an epic store account and link it to his ps4 and when he was logged in on his computer it said that he was online but when I clicked invite to party nothing happened.

Was gonna try that but my friend has fortnite uninstalled

Did it work?

It didn’t work

Can we get a time table on this fix? This is a huge issue. We were promised cross platform at launch and here it is, over going on 48 hours later and still cannot invite friends. This was a major selling point for myself and my friends to get this game. When I am on PS4 I cannot even see them online to invite them, when they are on the PC same issue. What is the timetable for this fix?

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Same opening game on PS4 does not log you into epic so no crossplay party

Same issue. Bought the game on PC to play with a friend on ps4 after looking around and finding ads saying its cross platform.
Tried everything we could and we didn’t manage to create a party.
I’ve requested a refund on epic store and i wont buy it again until this is fixed

yeah this seems to be a major issue and has been reported i have found all articles online saying this is possible but don’t know if its just the servers or the fact PS4 players don’t seem to sign into Epic at any point so i have my friends on PS4 and Epic store both of us have the accounts linked we both can play fine in game with PS4 and PC randoms but cant join each others party

So this has been an issue on launch as everyone knows. Are the devs aware of this issue and working on it? I’m checking on it frequently as we have someone who bought the game specifically because they have a PS4 and can cross platform play with us, PC users.

They don’t care. They haven’t even acknowledged it anywhere. Their so called dev streams are a joke, not answering questions from chat nor engaging.

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I have the exact same problem.
My Epic Games account is linked to PSN.
My friend’s PSN account is also linked to his Epic Games account.
He and I are friends on the Epic Games account and PSN account respectively.
I can’t accept the invitation from his PS4.
He doesn’t appear in my PC’s in-game friends list.
I hope this problem is resolved.