[URGENT] Blue screen crash

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C’mon guys! Work this shit out.
I get blue screen crashes on PS4 every 1 out of 3 matches.
What the hell is this?
The game is broken just like Cyberpunk.
I’m reporting every crash to PSN.


Buff ps4 nerf ps5


No but seriously that sucks 😞

I haven’t had a single crash on the PS5. Possible a PS4/ PC issue?

In that case, it’s just like Cyberpunk as they fixed it for PS5 and PC but not for PS4.

That would indeed be strange because ain’t I technically playing the PS4 version of the game on the PS5?

The game ir self yeah… But let’s say they optimized this last patch for PS5/PC.

@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet @Kassinaillia
This is far beyond ridiculous.
It happens playing as both Predator and FT.
No special action when it happens.
Happened while interacting, while still in pre match lobby, while on the chopper animation, while running…
And it still happens in 1 out of 3 matches.
This needs to be fixed ASAP.

I wonder if your PS4 might be maxed out on memory? Is it possible when attempting to load the game your console can’t handle it?

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Definitely that’s not the problem. I’m using a 2 TB external Hard Drive as extended storage. My internal HD is almost empty. And my external is not even at 30% of it’s capacity.

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I would preety much appreciate not spamming in this thread.

It was one video
That’s not what spamming is
But you were very polite about it so I don’t mind deleting the post

Spam has nothing to do aboit the quantity.
The content has.
Search for the spam definition. You’ll be enlighted.

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Cyberpunk now is 100x better than this game.

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Playing on ps4 and never had 1 bluescreen for this game.
Check your internal HD, can be it is damaged

Mine and many other people had their HD just fine and broke just right after this update… What a coincidence.
Yeah, right…
Thanks for your contribute.

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Do you have any more info for us? We’re not experiencing crashing on our end. Did you take any specific steps before crashing?

No. Nothing specific was taking place.
It happened while in pre-match lobby, on the chopper animation, interacting, running, shooting. Everything!
It happens all the time.

We’re aware of this issue but it’s difficult for us to find a fix if we can’t figure out steps to reproduce your bug.

I’ve used the tool to report each and every single crash to PSN, so it shouldn’t be that hard.
Also, you can always grab a PS4 (regular one) and play the game and it eventually happen to you…