Vent thread

What pissed you off in-game? A player? PlayerS? A bug that wrecked your win? Vent about it here.

Keep it clean. And don’t start shit you can’t finish if you call someone out.

I’ll start. Much respect to a certain player who I don’t think is on the forums, but…bro, if your team needs three fucking Dantes, there’s something wrong with how y’all play. It’s bullshit and you know it.


How do you know if it’s a premade?
Im not responsible what other players use in pubs.

What doesn’t piss me off. Alright let’s see,

  • Audio bug would be at the top of the list, happens nearly every match.

  • Frame rate tanking on Excavation day.

  • Branches being bullet sponges in areas where there are none in the way.

  • Getting stuck on flat ground

  • Seeing exiles predlocks locked behind lvl 500 even though I paid for them.

  • Seeing a group Dante’s or support FM or scout duelists with shotguns.

  • Mouth breathers with mics.

  • Grenades or other explosives not registering even if the explosion is right on the target.

  • Excessively high ping.


Some stupid guy that always blocks doorways.
Like when hes on your team.
Fucking degenerate.

A specific guy.
On purpose too.


Lol I can’t answer that without naming the person. But when it’s two Dante fanatics, one Dante FM, and a freaking Isabelle, and each one of them wreck you with pistols and SAWZ…it’s almost obvious it’s a premade.

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My bad. I thought you were all potatoes so I was trolling.

Lmao hes in this thread and it’s not you or max.

All of this. All of it.


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Pc players got a major advantage

What’s OP about her?

Nah pc players are trash

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Potatos that follow me around when I’m chasing the Predator instead of doing the mission.

High ping as Predator, Lens being useless on night mode.


So many things I don’t care enough anymore to list. But I think above all is the squandered potential.

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Her ass.

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It just pisses me off they had an ocean of material to pull from and they made a kiddie pool sized game

Final verdict on PHG


Painfully average


I was told you always use your glitched loadouts so they gave you beast mode. So they could chase you around.

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It was adorable. Sucks that even if I decided to use a normal loadout, they couldn’t tell and still use their OP shit.

That izzy was a random lol

I figured lol