We need more fire team classes and weapons.

There have been alot of different classes and weapons giving to the predators. Why can’t we get a Melee class to the fire team ? Maybe some claymore mines or perhaps new sidearms? I mean most people play the fire team. So why are we is the game pandering to only 20% of it’s player base?

Feel free to comment on what would be good new things for the fire team.


I’m not sure if he’s trolling so I’m just going to watch for the rage responses.


Ok here is a mind blowing idea different ammo types

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OWLF operative is still out there.


True (but all of them have been melee weapons so we might have well been given nothing, the quality of said weapons are bad) but that beimg said FT is still a very important part of the game and I absolutely agree the DLC should be split 50/50

Actaully that sounds cool. If Illfonic removes parring (cough do it cough) maybe this class has a special passive to parry. But reduced gun damage to make it more specialized and not the meta.


Just because 20% of a match is the predator, doesn’t mean the split is 80/20

In fact the que time issues is exactly because it reaches over the 80/20 split. Not a technical failure.

Ya bring me my boy Dutch 1000 from the future boi!

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FT weapons that are sorely needed

Real AK47 with wood (and bayonet😏)

Real uzi

HK G36

Real mp5



Sawn off shotgun w/ pistol grip pump


Real M14

Double barrel shotgun

M79 GL with impact grenades

Desert Eagle

Throwing knives

Dragunov SVD

Thompson SMG

Dual pistols

Compact MP5


.44 magnum



WP grenade


Yeah they’re really pandering to that predator player base, aren’t they?


He’s warming up in the freezer.

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Hey guys!!

Do you love Predator!?

Have you always wanted to play a game where you could be the iconic alien from the movies??

Well we at illfonic have a fucking treat for you!!

Predator: Hunting Grounds!!

You’ll only be 20% of the playerbase, the other 80% will be overpowered as fuck and every update will be basically us giving them buffs and new weapons, recently we thought FUCK IT!! and went balls deep on the ass fuckings FT can give to the Predator with the new Specialisations feature. Oh boy, are you in for a suprise after waiting all that time to find a match. Chances are you’ll be dead on first engagement, but you got to play as Predator right? You saw the thermal vision right? You heard the clicking, played with the cloak right? Great, that’s your experience.


Since launch, Fireteam have been given;

  • Hammerhead Rifle
  • Mercenary Rifle
  • OWLF Pitbull Rifle
  • ACIG Grenade
  • UAV Scanner
  • Specialisations for all classes.

Predator players got;
Katana sword
Alpha Sickle
Viking Axe

One side got really awesome weapons and kit, the other side got melee weapons that, while very effective, suffer from poor tracking and are restricted by huge stamina drains. The wristlauncher is the only new kit we were given for Predator, and the aiming for that is fucking ridiculous. It’s only viable at very close range and even then it can veer off wildly and miss.

So, if either side deserves more weapons and equipment then it’s the Predator players. You have to be retarded to think that the Predator side gets all the good stuff, and clearly haven’t been playing this game long enough otherwise you’d know that every update and DLC has been a detriment to Predator players. If it’s not FT getting buffs then it’s Predator players getting game breaking bugs.

TL;DR Fuck Fireteam, Buff Predator


But how do you really feel about the game?

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I love it the same way I love scabby cats and disabled animals. They’re still beautiful things, just heartbreakingly ruined.


The only things that I love are my ex-wife, and QUEST bars!

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What’s up with you asking for real weapons?

They are weapons used in the movies

And are cooler than the nerf guns

Doesn’t have to be called thier real world counter parts but I can see what the nerf guns are trying to be and it’s annoying

I want the Human Slingshot from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for FT
I also want all the cyborg ninjas from the Metal Gear Solid games as Predator classes

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We don’t even have the mp5 though, or an Uzi,

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The pdw-z is a fake uzi

The z-06 is a fake mp5

Mp5 or that gun we see in AvP would be awesome. But I think it’s time Predator got some attention with weapons that the tracking is good. I love the look of the Vikings axe but it’s almost impossible to use on Ps4. :(