We need the super predators

not the stupid ass assassin who is the most boring “just make it bigger” villain of all time. We need mr black. If we get a new game mode with predators working together vs a lot of ft members we will need the super predators to take them down anyways


That wouldn’t work cause as soon as the super predator rips out the heads of main preds we would get the blue screen of death!!!Its like I’m reliving the microsoft windows era all over again!!! I’m a huge predator fan and loved the game but the freezes either fix it or the game is going in the shredder!!! I’m not fucking joking either

Hopefully this months dlc or hell maybe it will be part of free update if its a multi pre mode.


I know they are coming, really not happy about it. Because I know they are gonna perpetuate this thing Predator has where the old Yautja suddenly aren’t good enough and we have to one up everything they do with a new species or something else. Just annoying.

ofc I’m in the minority on that, most people would love to play as Berserker, Falconer, or Tracker.

for gods sake though Ilfonic, don’t add the dogs…

like I know you are tempted to add the dogs. Don’t add the dogs, I’m begging.

Oh yeah this game is crashing like crazy. But also no predator vs predator dear god

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Fuck no to the dogs fuck no aliens and FUCK no to the assassin

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I hate to be the one to tell you, but the Super Predators are a “just make it bigger” villain. They just weren’t in an awful movie. Speaking of which, did you know that Super Predators were going to be stated to be part of this Hybridization the latest movie picked up? They just knew better than to admit to something that stupid.

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You have no power here.
Release the Xenomorphs.
Did mr black have some special powers or something?

Cause unless he did. I don’t see why ppl are so obsessed with him.


Xenos! Xenos! Xenos!


Ya! Xenomorphs!



Believe it or not Im an Alien fan first and Predator fan second sooo ig I have a bias lol.

The super predators are not nearly as simple and stupid. Yes they look different, and are slightly bigger, but there’s still a power struggle. A fight between the two. It’s not the same nice try though

Xenos don’t belong here. And we all like mr black cause there’s 3 predator movies and HES THE ONE FROM THE THIRD FUCKIN MOVIE 😂 duh


So theres nothing special about him?
Just nostalgia?

That sucks.
Yall hype him up so much I coulda sworn he had some super power.

As for xenos I dont care if we get them or not, but I’d like to play as them.

If they make a full blown alien game then fuck yeah. But as for mr black he is bigger stronger and faster

The one by Cold iron is still devolpment so theres a possibility.

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Oh I know a bit about him. Hes bad ass.
I just something with cool super powers is all.

So I was hoping he had something I didnt know about.

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If you’re talking about the mmo it sounded lame.
It’s supposed to be like warframe or destiny so itl be nothing but stupid lame mind numbing farming.

I dont mind some farming, but fuck man, in those games its way too much.

Not 3D realms, Cold Irons game is supposed to be colonial marines we should of got, with more of horror presence

Edit: It is a mmo I looked it up.

As long as it’s not a looter shooter that’s mind numbing farming, I might like it.

Tho honestly I just wanna be a xenomorph.

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