Weapons in the hands is not visible

All as in the topic name.

Playing from PC as fireteam. Win 8.1 Professional

All graphics setting must be on low, excluding view distance.Checked only on scout class, not tested on another. Bug reproduces if elite scout outfit is selected, no matter what the color of it.

Not sure that pc configuration a effects, but:
asus z87-a
intel core i7-4770k
Kingston 99U5471-054.A00LF x2 - 16gb memory
nvidia geforce gtx 750 Ti


This happens on ps4 aswell. Just a bug

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Also no one care that you play professionally. Lol just means you have rich parents lol

Where did I write that I play professionally? win 8.1 professional is a windows edition, like home,
enterprise etc


dont be that guy

Oh my apologies

I changed my shadow graphics setting and it fixed it, increased it from low to high.

Do not use the Elite Outfits on your characters. On some PC’s it causes your arms and weapons not to show up.

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same for me

On PC this happens sometimes when you set the shadows to low (as I can see you do from the screenshot) and use recon or scout classes. Don’t need to be elite outfits.

Set shadows to medium and the weapons will become visible again.

Keep in mind your GPU (750 Ti) is not powerful enough to run this game, even at the lowest settings.

Thanks for the descriptive repro steps! This kind of informative bug report is extremely helpful.
The team is aware of this issue and are working on it.