Wendigo + Skinwalker DLC Predators

Alright, so we have 2 Preds from Norse Mythology, so I suggest the next 2 Original Preds are from Native American Mythology (and would be a great way to build hype for the rumored plot of next pred film). The two that I suggest are The Wendigo and The Skinwalker.

The Wendigo: Taking cues from the Algonquin mythology, the Wendigo Yautja would be tall and extremely thin, fast, and lethal. Due to a rare Yautja wasting disease, the Wendigo Yautja has trained for speed and agility over brute strength, and shows a preference for hunting in colder climates. Stats would be somewhere between Elder and Scout (very low gear, low to mid health, max stamina, max movement speed), but with near unlimited leap but at the cost of Viking level energy. Physically, as said before due to the rare yautja wasting disease, The Wendigo is thinner than scout, but on the skin has several spots of discoloration (white patches with a blue spot on the heart, starting the ice heart part of the Wendigo myth), Predlocks are sparse with some malformations, and instead of armor wears the pelts of several of its prey. New weapon would be dual wielded blade-claws (think a mix between wristblades and brass knuckles) with very fast attack speed with lower damage but with heightened bleed damage that stacks, but secondary is a throw of one of the claws that does much more damage.
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The Skinwalker: Taking cues from the Navajo mythology, the Skinwalker Yautja is known for taking pelts of predatory species, but more well known for taking the skin of the humans it hunts, and its shapeshifting abilities while stalking the plains and Navajo territories. For most hunters, skinning is a sign of an easy kill, but the Skinwalker Yautja keeps the skins of worthy warriors. Stats are a mix between Samurai and Hunter (medium high health and gear, medium low movement speed and stamina), but with a much better cloak (harder to see, lasts longer) than other yautja, albeit with a high energy drain. Does NOT come with a weapon (meant to use dual wield blade-claws from previous DLC), but instead a new piece of gear: The Skinner. The skinner functions similar to a bear trap, but with lower initial damage and more bleed and when placed under a tree or inside a building (area will be highlighted red), it will bring the fireteam upwards by their feet to the ceiling/branch, when released they take fall damage. If the fireteam is low on hp or in stealth kill (or if an ai triggers it), however, it will kill and skin the FT member, leaving their skin on the ground to be claimed by the Skinwalker Yautja.
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Edit: You know, given that each of these hunts a unique environment compared to the current jungle, why not have the Wendigo Yautja be the DLC for a snow/winter map update, and the Skinwalker Yautja be the DLC for a desert/plains map update. I think that would be a great way to get maps that have been long requested into the game while getting some awesome pred DLCs in!

@OldKingHamlet and @Courier, seriously, great job on the update! Please do me a favor and pass this on to the dev team/pitch it to them, or if you can what do you all think of this?
What do you all think, and if you are so inclined, what other Mythological Preds would you like to see?


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I love this a lot. I want more Hunters that inspired old world cultures’ mythologies. Really good idea, you chose two of my favorite creatures from folklore!😁

@OldKingHamlet, please take note of this lol. You guys are leading strong with this update and I hope you continue to do so.



@TentacleDadi Yes. @Will13579 these are my 2 all time favorite mythological beings, had a great time writing this, and I think that it would work really well in game!


In other news, just watched a video of bloodthirstylord getting booty raped by @ADIsnap when he was testing out Valkyrie. Hammer has a shorter lunge range it seems than the axe, but still a 2 hit down. The regular swings seem faster, but just as hard to aim. Even with impenetrable still got melted fairly quickly


I think, I’ll test my viking build on her and see how it goes. Other thing that sucks is she doesn’t have built in fearless like Viking does She’s kinda a mix of scout and berserker, but closer to scout. Maybe closer to City Hunter in stats and play

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Well, a video where BTL gets destroyed is always a good one. I’m tied up with some personal stuff at the moment and haven’t had time to load up PHG yet, I’ll probably test it on the weekends though.

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Lol why is that and good luck probably looking at 15-20 minute ques

Always fun to see a pred get melted.
Oh boy 15-20 minute ques. Well, there have been some novels I’ve been wanting to read…

Lol pretty much

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Good, I wish to fry everyone’s mind and Hail Odin Motha Fucker

I was just waiting to use that meme. Your the winner lol.

Meh, I am however curious as to this rumor that this is part one of two updates coming this Feb. I doubt it due to we have the paid DLC, the free stuff being overalled customs, the balance changes, etc. We also know the next Predator will be cleo (female Egyptian Predator that bested Dutch) due to the hint for the next Predator is within the Dutch Tapes and that is the only predator mentioned in great detail in all of his tapes

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That would be cool if we get another update this month. But I am fine with getting new maps in the next couple of months and those will hopefully be free. I still have my fingers crossed for a multiple predator hunt mode against more FT. We can only hope…

Hmm, that does make me wonder if in this new custom’s setup you can have two predator’s and multiple people

Armor is bones/skin from prey

Wrist blades are non existent it uses it’s own claws

Weapon is the sharpened shoulder blade of a bear tied to the femur of a moose; it’s a spear axe

Also has makeshift spears for ranged attacks

Give me a Minotaur/Gladiator Predator

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Very neat idea’s. I think basing human mythology on Predator’s, rather than dressing Yautja in human culture, is an interesting reversal of what we’ve gotten so far.

I still think a Medusa Pred would be another cool monster variant to have.

I can see how a female Predator could be mistaken for medusa

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