What are your hobbies?

I’ll start obviously

  1. Martial arts

  2. Shooting, specifically close range pistol, shotgun, and rifle

  3. Used to race motocross, now ride enduro. This is the newest member of the family


My hobbies are eating that is all I am a fat fuck whom needs to lose weight oh and occasional racism but we don’t need to talk about that

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Sure, sure. Everyone’s got a thing

I collect toenail clippings…

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Gaming, sketching, and creating RP characters for PHG


Hobbies Included Hiking with the Dog.

Smoking Mary Jane and people watching.

And Making Karens infuriated!!

Also I have a Karen Neighbor now so the stories will be flowing eventually.

I only like them when they are Fresh when you can bend and squeeze them

Don’t forget The greatest hobby of all time.

Making HornHead angry

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Yep, speaking of which, where is that fuck? Is he playing FT at all?

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Have no Idea.

He deleted me. We had a “Friendly” private match rotations. Everyone got their turn. Games were not sweaty just casual. You know everyone being a Billy and just running at the pred.

Comes mine turn. Speed run builds and field medics. So I play sweaty they complain I say well you player sweaty first then got booted from party lol.

Welp ohh well.

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He is a salty fuck, I know someone a few weeks ago, got him as pred

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Lol. Im sure he ran

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@Thunder-Cats any new Karen stories


Reading, Hunting, & Shooting.

And trolling here, obviously.

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I like to draw, read books, watch film and keep up with critical analysis, and a play a lot of ff14!


Besides playing video games, I guess bodybuilding, reading and watching movies/animes. Havent done that much of the later 2 due to college though.

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Do you compete

With myself. Have been asked at the gym if I did and that I should try competitions but latest years have been too busy, maybe after I’m done with college.