What game do you want Aspyr to port next? + KOTOR remake rumour

So if you don’t know who Aspyr are they are the Devs that recently ported Republic Commando and Stubbs the Zombie to PS and Switch. They also ported the Jedi Knight games I believe. But what classic game would you like to see them port next? I hear they’re working on a remake for KOTOR so that should be interesting to see but I personally would love to see them port Empire at War to console. That’s a game I’ve always wanted to try out as it looks quite fun. But what would you like to see them port?

Oh I’d also like to see them port the Simpsons hit and run cause why the fuck not.


Games shouldn’t be ported in this manner without overhauling them

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Well they do get some tweaks here and there like better resolution and updated controls and shit. They’re not always just simple ports. At least that seems to be the case with Aspyr’s ports.

Oooh another one came to mind. I’d love to see concrete jungle with better resolution and controls that don’t suck ass. Hopefully an updated camera too though I don’t know if they’ll go that far. But it would be great to see and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.


They need to go the route of spyro reignited, crash insane trilogy and Destroy all Humans

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That takes more time and is less likely to happen. It’ll be nice but at that point it’s not even a port and that’s not what Aspyr does except for their supposed KOTOR remake in the works. Since they’re doing that then maybe they’ll do it for more games in the future? But don’t count on it. It’s better to get a port with a few tweaks than nothing imo.

Well they shouldn’t expect a dime from me then

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Like I said it could happen one day since they’re branching out a bit more by actually remaking a game from the ground up so I wouldn’t put it in the realm of impossibility just yet. Just keep it as unlikely for the time being. Oh well ports aren’t for everyone and of course remaking the game from the ground up can often times be better. It is also better being able to play the game with a few tweaks than not playing the game at all. Gotta take what you can get rather than waiting for something that might not happen.

Idk bout port but I wanna see a new, GOOD tenchu z.

But games tend to suck now a days so hard to hope for or want anything.

Btw. Il take any good developer.
I havent heard of the one you’ve mentioned tho.

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Why did they ditch the pvp multiplayer?
Would’ve been a good oppportunity for atleast couch co-op too.

Did Jedi Knight keep its MP when it got ported?

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Tenchu now that’s a pretty good choice. Never played it myself but if it was ported, remastered, remade, got a sequel/prequel or whatever then I’d definitely consider it.

Yeah I was disappointed when I found it didn’t have that I was kinda hoping for it. I’ve no idea why they didn’t do it and yeah Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy had the multiplayer with the port which makes the exclusion of Republic Commando’s even more confusing.
Maybe they’ve got their hands full with the supposed KOTOR remake? Idk.

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So I thought I’d resurrect this thread because a new rumour has a surfaced about the supposed KOTOR remake Aspyr are working on. Like all rumours take it with a grain of salt but supposedly they’re going to be changing the combat from real-time turn based to something more “action RPG” to make it more accessible and modernised. Whatever that means. So what do you make of that? I personally am all for this change as the combat was my least favourite part about KOTOR. Just didn’t feel very fun and I like the idea of having more control over my character this time around.

I want that shit panned star wars bounty hunter game , it was along the lines of force unleashed

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1313? Or do you mean the one where you play as Jango Fett?

It was 1313 I think , there was gameplay out there but disney panned it when they got lucasfilm , I think?

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Tell that to the 30 million ports of RE 4 lol.

Ah yeah that game looked solid. There was quite a lot of interesting games in the works at the time. A supposed republic Commando sequel/imperial commando, force unleashed 3, Darth Maul game which would’ve been fucking dope. Oh well shit happens as a wise Yautja once said.

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I’m not sure how wise that yautja was , but I agree 😁

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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Concrete Jungle