What I want for the Feral Pred update

For the Feral Predator update I want the following.

1: I know someone said that they wanted the Spear Gun to replace the Plasma Caster with some good options, but I think if they can’t do that then they should make the Spear gun a gear option, as a back-up in case it doesn’t break the game further.

  1. A Predator Tomahawk Weapon that can be thrown like the Combistick, and can melee like the Combistick, put when you melee with it it’ll work like the Battle Axe, but with a smaller damage rate

3: For Specilizations, when it comes to how the Feral Predator behaved in that movie, I think his Specializations will be Tracker, Savage, and Disciplined all three for the player to choose.

4: For Maximum number of gear points if the Spear gun is forced to become a gear which I hope it doesn’t, and is a swappable Caster option replace splash damage with a multi lock on, but if so make the gear cost 5 points, and have his Maximum number of perk points to be 11

5: This may involve you Nerfing his health some, but based on the movie with Maximum perk points give him 11

6: Now when it comes to the Bone Mask, there’s one problem, I have warmed up to it a little, but because of it’s design it will have very little durability based off the movie, so you have to HEAVILY buff it’s Bio mask damage, or buff it a quarter more, and increase the Perk Pont limit from 11 to 12

7:I’ve already heard complaints about this, but just add The Jungle Hunter, as a DLC, or if nothing else, make the Mask unlocked if we have purchased the Feral DLC, because I’m sick, and tired of trying to make A Jungle Hunter with Captured, seeing the huge hole in it’s mask, and getting triggered.

You can unlock the jungle hunter mask through the crates

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No, you can’t…either that or mine is bugged, because I got the Jungle Hunter mask from a crate…and it’s still locked

I want it…Let me in…LET ME IIIINNNNN!!!

3d models for the face may look like prey-feral-predator-bio-helmet-3d-model-stl prey-feral-predator-3d-model-stl


this would be the different version for the combistick most likely

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You’re welcome for the idea.

Also about the Jungle Hunter, what country are you in?

There is no update,it’s just a mask…in 3 fucking months all we get is a mask.
Just to let you know that writing all of thease it’s useless.

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Just use the Elders mask, it’s the same thing and matches captured with his slightly weathered armor. They will never release JH, the mask will stay a loot box exclusive item to keep people incentivized to keep playing and paying that vert.

That’s because you didn’t unlock the mask you unlocked a shader for it

Make it pull back to you and have return damage, as well as a pull effect.

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Oregon, US why?

Yeah, I kinda realized that a little too late, and it’s a damm shame

No, it wasn’t a shader…it literally was just the Jungle Hunter Mask itself that I got in a lot crate, and not a shader, and when I went to equip it for customization, was still locked

That would be pretty good actually

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Oh ok. Because if you lived in Europe you can find a place on ebay or another site to buy a preordored edition of the game with a code to unlock the Jungle Hunter in the PlayStation store. The codes only work in Europe though so that’s why I asked your region

Pretty sure it’s glitched probably doesn’t tell you it’s a shader but it should unlock it’s the actual mask

Looked like the actual mask, it didn’t list the type of Shader it was, or say it was a shader, unless that’s the glitch