What Lazy would do as a community moderator.

Look. Im not exactly fond of putting myself out there as a candidate. But I feel like if anyone can do it right its me. So if you so choose, ill accept the honor.

Ive been here since the beginning. Ive seen the greats explode out and then recede into nothingness. Ive watched our community implode, explode, and overall just be consumed in chaos. Ive seen all of 3 seriously worthwhile posts in the past month. Almost everything here has been a cesspool of toxicity and I want to change that.

I dont want to be here to take your jobs. I want to be here to make them easier while ive fuck all to do else. I want to moderate while you guys focus on the important stuff, feedback and ideas. And I want to make this a place you guys can come to for serious feedback and not have to do so knowing you will have to swim through a literal ocean of shit to get to the island oasis.

So heres what I will do as moderator:

  • Implement a 3 strike system, which I will keep track of. Also a warning system to give. A buffer before strikes. (Will likely use a Hidden post with notes on each warning/strike/thread closed for all moderators to access to see)

  • Improve community guidelines to be strict enough to be respected, but not so strict that it restricts free speech.

  • Said guidelines will be constantly used to enforce said strike system in any capacity. As well as be frequently mentioned on the closing of any thread or enforcement of any strikes.

  • Create pinned megathreads for all of the most commonly discussed controversial topics, in an attempt to prevent multiple posts on the same subjects.

  • Create a new category where all threads which are closed for any reason can be moved to, to keep other categories clean. (If possible will try to make it hidden to anyone but moderators)

  • Create a Category specifically for Polls, so they are no longer contesting other topics.

  • Create a new category for such megathreads to keep them seperate from the other categories.

  • Respond to any mentions @ me on a regular basis so that I am not required to manually patrol topics.

  • Move topics into respective categories if I notice one in the wrong section

  • Calmly, respectfully, and in accordance to new guidelines, dispense warnings, temporary bans, and if all else fails, perma bans as are needed.

  • At the time of any warnings, or bans being dispensed. Leave my reasoning for doing so and if possible quote the guidelines.

However, what I will not do:

  • Speak on illfonics behalf in any way regarding the development of the game. (Any opinions I have i would like to remain those of a fan, and not a moderator. Id like to keep them as seperate as possible)

  • Abuse my powers. Once again. I would like to keep this account or at least what I say/do when not acting as a moderator seperate.

  • Take sides in any argument, when acting as a moderator. (Once again seperation of fan and moderator)

  • Sheriff the forums 24/7 exactly. I have a personal life too guys. But I am on enough that it shouldnt be very often that im unavailable.

Overall I think I could clean the forums up, as well as create an environment where the users are more inclined to follow the guidelines. Turning the wild west, into a very organized, Secure, and easy to access society of sorts.

Thanks everyone for reading.


I dont think we should have one specific mod from the playerbase.

It should just be us regulars that just bring up problem people or threads to the mods.

Kind of like a supervisor?
That I don’t mind helping with.

Because there’s very people I trust to not go off bias. And even you lazy, I feel eventually youd start hating it.

It should be those who have been here from the beginning, and have a feel for ppl here.

I feel this would work better.
We lond of have this already, we just need illfonic appointed mods who pay attention to who the regulars are.

I may not be the best for a mod, nor do I want to cause then I’d have to be too serious, but I don’t mind definitely pointing out a disruptive problem.

However, a huge concern for me with stricter moderation is that we wont be able to joke around and have fun like we can currently.

If I’m honest, ppl love to call this forum toxic but the majority of ppl here are cool and civil.


Order and justice isn’t an option

I agree. I want multiple mods. Im not gonna go it alone.

Yeah but considering how infrequently courier and oldking have time to come in here. That does fuck all tbh.

I would start hating it if I could not be myself and moderate at the same. Like if in becoming a moderator I had to give up any of my opinions outside of that. Thats why seperation for me is highly conditional. I need to be able to do both or im not doing it. I can seperate moderating and being myself. But I cannot just only moderate and not expect my opinions to start to seep through the cracks.

I agree. Only people here since the beginning know whats up.

Nah i already considered that. Stricter moderation is more in the sense of where people post things, and the clutter posts that just keep coming up. Hence the seperate categories and megathreads. My intent isnt to make this into a police state and ban people from being people. I just want to be able to enforce the guidelines they already have and some basic shit to clean up forums.

And Yeah people are cool and civil. But sometimes it does get really damn toxic. If I become a mod ever. Any new guidelines I make I will post first and get opinions from you guys. I want them to be solid. I cant make solid guidelines alone. But together we can.

Let’s see what illfonic says.
If they decide to communicate.

Definitely. I just want to be able to have a seperate account tbh. Not to hide my identity so much as to help people visibly see whether im speaking as a mod, or as myself. That way it doesnt have the opportunity to get mixed up.

Eeehh that feels to shady to me. I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t like the sound of it.

That’s just my thoughts tho.

Its shady if I say something in my account then come in and then come in as mod and ban the fuck out of everyone but me sure. But people will see that and can report me to courier or oldking if im doing that kinda shady shit. Besides if we can get multiple community moderators we can moderate each other to some extent to. Prevent that shit from happening. Like I said. I dont wanna go it alone. But I think I can at least put the framework in place that moderation will be easier, simpler, and everything will be much cleaner. I dunno though. I just wanna see the forums in a better place.

Shit at some point ill go into their current community guidelines and post my take on a changed version of it for the better. That way yall can see what i mean.

Gonna take alot of brain power probably though. Its not something I intend to do overnight.

actually just skimmed through their community guidelines and pretty much everything is there lmao. Its just that they dont have anyone enforcing it for more than 2 hours every week

Okay I wanna show you something. Read times.

Oldkinghamlet - 1 day read time, 23 hours recent

ILL_A_A_Ron - 2h read time, 44 min recent

Nerdmaid - 1h read time, 2 min recent

dadadah - 1h read time, 0 recent

Deadwin - 3h read time, 17 min recent

Courier - 1 day read time, 17 min recent

That is the read time of our admins, and mods.

This is the read time of us:

Fire - 19 day read time, 7 day Recent
Lazy - 10 day read time, 6 day recent
Slasher_Clone - 12 day read time, 9 day recent

Thats all im bothered to do but you get the damn point.

Courier and oldkinghamlet are our main inlets to illfonic, and they have a fraction of what we have in terms of time spent on the forums, which is understandable. But Consider this

They have to:

Read long ass suggestions and ideas
read bug fixes
Create the changelog posts, format them properly
Read and respond to mentions

I gurantee you that 70-80% of that time is spent playing sheriff, and skimming through shit to get to important stuff.

The rest of the devs probably only have read time because they are looking at what courier and oldking are passing along.

My point is, they do NOT have the manpower to do what they are doing, let alone the time to do it. They need moderators. That is a definite. I dont care who the fuck they pick, but its a necessity, im sure of it. Unless this forum gets cleaned up, we might as well all be talking to a wall, because to them thats what this forum is. We cant do that just by all being good people. Thats not how the real world works. people arent gonna follow the rules. we need enforcers.

Damn that coulda been a post in its own right.

@Slasher_Clone @SammyToeJr @GrimmReaper @Fire @KameofWar @XViper

I could use all of your opinions here.


I agree with you.

The activity summary of OldKing & Courier, goes to show that this certainly isn’t their main role.

The forums certainly need some dedicated attention.

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Honestly I dont know why I didnt ever check their read time

I’ll admit it never occurred to me either.
I hadn’t even looked at my own.

It’s actually really cool that those stats exist.
Too bad there’s nothing like that in the actual game… >_>

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Lol I saw you change that

Serious note though I wish in game stats existed.

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Stop your making me look like I don’t have a life, when really I just multitask. I read a book every week too… 😊
I’d actually read more if there was more to read on here. Unfortunately it is proving difficult to get people to post actual ideas.


I think we do need community mods, I don’t think they actually need the power to ban people, just mute them till an illfonic mod can deal with it.
Having a mod who combines threads would be very useful.

Ok, let me say this differently. Everything above is true and we do need community mods but… I should address who I’m speaking too.


OKH or Courier who ever reads this, you guys need someone on your end that can sort out the good ideas, or even well presented ideas from everything else. Someone who ideally works for illfonic, now I’m not saying you guys don’t do a good job at passing things on, I’m sure you do but in my opinion there’s tons of things that at least should be tossed into a folder in case they are ever relevant. None of us know what is or isn’t relevant though.
I don’t know what illfonic’s plans are to grow or manage the community, I do know if you want to challenge the bigger Asymmetrical games you need to actively grow this community. Expanding and adding volunteer mods now gives you time to get to know them while this place is only a small community, it gives you time to see what works and what doesn’t.

I didn’t know if illfonic is planning on hiring people to do the community growth and management thing but if you are, we need someone collecting all the ideas here and giving them to the right people, even if that’s one of you.

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Yeah… as I wrote it, I was like… yeah, wtf!

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I mean I guess but then it will just come to a point of them having to go through however many mutes and figure out what to do with that. Significantly better than we have now, but still will likely take up more time than simply giving us the ability to at least temp ban for a few days. We could compromise and allow that, but make perma bans something that only they can do, and something we as moderators have to pass onto them

I really wish I could help in regards to this moderation thing.

But as far as me being in any moderation type role-
I’m not a good fit because I have too many problems dealing with people.

Because of how I am, it leads to too many misunderstandings.

Like how some people think I’m a troll.
I may like to joke around alot, but considering I only ever joined the forums to try to do whatever little I could to make the game succeed, and not to just fuck around, it bothers the ever living shit out of me that ppl think I’m just a troll.

Most ppl refuse to hear me out.
Rarely do people take me seriously.

So given that, I dont see me being a good mod.
I’m also an extremely lenient person.

That’s not a good trait for a mod.

Secondly, I only ever joined for the game.
I love talking to ppl on here, joking around and stuff.

But I didnt join to make friends.
I literally just joined to try to make sure this game didn’t go to shit like so many other games that I’ve loved.

And uh… ya.
I’ve fucking failed xD.

Our state of balance is horrible.
And the fact that so many people cant see that literally hurts.

The only reason I consider myself a good judge for balance is because I do my damn best to try to understand all sides.

Moral of the story is, if I can help, I dont mind doing what I can. But I’m not really looking to be a mod.

I honestly think illfonic just needs to get in here and just talk to us.
It would help things greatly, as long as they come in patiently, and dont take offense to all the criticism.

We literally need them here.
Not just people they’ve hired to talk for them.

We, are the main player base.
Not the reddit groups, discords, twitter, NONE of those people are as dedicated as us.

I wish they’d see that.
It’s not fair they dont communicate with us.
We are the key to saving the game and making it flourish.


I love this reply.

I know you arent a troll

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