What’s everyone’s views on electric cars?

I can’t lie I used to hate them but they have grown a lot on me. Especially the likes of the Porsche Taycan and the Audi gt E Tron.

Silicon Valley blasphemy like electric scooters

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What ya mean by that?

Just got a new hybrid from Hyundai

It’s cool

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Nice dude

I hate them… They tell us this is the future… Thats not the future, its over 100 years old tech and back then and now its inefficient… It will ever be inefficient… Hear what Engine Creators say about that

Next point I love Motorsport! I love sounds! 12 Cylinder, 10 or V8…

The government are just making these electric cars so they can track you everywhere you go and if you pisd them off, they’ll just turn off your car.

Plus they are silent asf like stealth bombers and loads of people are gonna get run over by them.


Not to mention the battery charging and replacement. It’s costing more to own those vehicles than to buy them lmao. Efficient my left nut

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Digging up the stuff to make the batteries is more polluting to the environment than any combustion engine ever could be aswell.
They don’t actually care about effficiency or the environment or anything.

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Fixed it for ya lol
I don’t understand how people can see one as sinister and not the other. Like it’s highly unlikely the people who issue you both of these products will have an ulterior motive with only one of them.

That’s true; as per usual, it’s just whatever gets them the most notability and popularity, meanwhile people don’t actually think about what the implications of these things are.

It’s a complete BS.
Has been proven that extracting lithium for a car battery causes more impact in the nature than if that same car ran on fuel it’s whole life.


Yep they aren’t as good for nature as they make out tbh. I can’t lie though, I do like what they do offer, instant acceleration and tons of tech also


the accelleration isn’t like a gas car where you can rev it to get it warmer or for more exhaust and shit, so it sounds quiet. I test drove one. its very much like a delicate toy.

Don’t lie to us. You’re just disappointed you can’t huff the car exhaust to get high on electric models.


They are heaps of shit , my family have been mechanics for their whole lives and my uncle said they are a waste of time . Countries are talking about controlled power outages due to “strain on powergrids” , I wonder if it has anything to do with the assholes charging their cars? Its a grift so the people in charge can make themselves and their friends some fucking money .

I get the point of the dual cars , the ones that can switch between gas and battery, that would help if you are running low on gas and need to switch to the battery. Anything else is a total shit show.


So the way that works is that when you are going a certain speed, the car uses electricity but when you are accelerating or driving at a higher speed it uses gas instead. Actaully pretty useful in my opinion. And the electricity supposedly recharges when you are braking, though I have no idea how that happens.


Hybrids because of this also in general tend get between 20-35% more mpg.

The breaking recharge occurs because the motor switches from powering the wheels to powering the battery.

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My car sucks for milage , I get at best 35 miles to the gallon on petrol . Newer cars friends have got can get almost 70 miles to the gallon . I had to drive a clients car almost 300 miles to Birmingham and it used under a quarter of a tank , but the asshole had eco mode on and the car barely has any acceleration, not fucking fun on a busy motorway 🤨


That sucks! My car has quite a good mpg tbf and is also fun to drive. Whenever I look for cars I look for a mixture of fun and fast but also has a decent MPG. So for me a decent MPG is around 40 and above. The car I have currently does around 65mpg and has plenty of punch in it when you put your foot down. Comfort is also a major factor for me too

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My last car was great for mileage (I cant remember the number exactly) but the head gasket blew , I had to take what I could get and in the almost 2 years I have had my current car I have only had to replace one shock . So I cant really complain and its a decent car . If I could afford and choose a car more I would probably just go for a newer model of what I have

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