Where is the jungle map?

I agree but most triple A studios barely bother with hiring playtesters anymore, let alone illfonics baby studio. Which means that they can only catch so much while maintaining a reasonable schedule.

yeah no they launch a game mode and you get over it and thats about it. its not food service

Not a pointless argument, a point where they have f’ed us over on maps for how long now and now they take one down that people do tend to use for other thing greater than pvp. You keep playing your way and we will keep playing our way. I don’t complain when all you PVPers want to only face other people. Thats your thing so why judge others when they don’t feel the same way. Does it make you feel better? Does it make you feel superior? I just see a bully that is pissed when people have no interest in playing with them anymore.

Sure you are, Mr. Walls of Text.

The players are considered the play testers nowadays, look at Warframe for example. They use PC players to test out new content before they release it to console with the majority of bugs fixed, the one time they sent out a massive content drop to all platforms it was a shit show.

Okay this shit is childish. They didnt take away the maps to punish you, they took it away to fix it really quick. Literally within the next day or two I gurantee you it will be back in the rotation.

Exactly. Its shitty but its what happens when we dont speak with our wallet.

That you couldnt come up with a more mature response is only proof that your argument has no solid foundation to stand upon.

You do realize this is an online asymmetrical pvp game right?

Well this is literally a broken game when it comes to playing as the Predators anyways. Why not take down a map and make it even more broken for the sake of fixing a game bug that they, themselves created. I paid the 60 plus for the digital deluxe edition to play as one of my all time favorite movie monsters just to be stabbed to death by super soldiers with knifes that apparently have the strength to stop a 8 foot 700 plus pound Predator and soldiers who can see threw my cloak at a drop of a pin, and break threw my alien tec nets with regular knifes. This has been a joke since day one with the perks they gave to the FT. The tech required to fight Predators should be weight intensive and parrying a Predator should require a great deal of stamina and cost some health to boot. A Predator should be able to carry all of their equipment without restrictions and use all of their perks without restrictions seeing their size and strength. This is not a true Predator experience by any means what so ever.

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Whatever at this point hopefully one day someone will figure out how to mod this game and fix their mistakes.

I dont disagree. The game right now is just stable enough to be playable though, it might be that this bug was so disruptive that it would have made every match on the map unplayable. Thats the only reasoning I can think of besides the fact that they caught it.

You’re the one that’s claiming that they tested it when they clearly did not.

You didn’t have an argument to begin with.

Sorry didnt read that correctly lol.

This can only mean one thing man, seeing as prior to 3 hours ago, when this was posted, no one but them could have tested it.

Obviously they caught an issue, and acted on it.

So please, tell me again why I dont have an argument?

Plz look at the Announcement board before making a useless thread

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Whatever you say, Mr. Circular Logic!

Wow! Just wow!

Some people just take a slice. You, however, take the whole shebang!


Evidence, Facts, Common sense, logic. Thats what my arguments are made of. Now Ill be honest I wont be surprised if it takes more than a few days, because its illfonic we are talking about here. But seeing as they said they already have a fix in the works, I doubt it will be much longer than that.

Meanwhile, All you have done is either A, use your biased perception of me to argue, or B, Tried to twist my own argument against me. Hence why the argument occuring right now is pointless.

Now if you can get past the shallow insult stage, please feel free to continue arguing. Otherwise ill just ignore you for the time being.

I hardly ever see them responding to anybody that tells them about game bugs and glitches. I also hardly ever see them take Predator fans seriously because they are more concerned with a supposedly balance experience. There is no balance in facing off with a Predator. Your lucky if you survive. It should take all 4 of the FT and all their ammo and stamina to even put down a Predator. Look at Arnold’s character he was half dead facing of with a Predator same with same Danny Glover’s character. Look at all those that died on the planet in Predators. Also in AVP it took Aliens to take down those Predators and in the last one they made, The Predator, it took a Super Predator to take down a normal size one. This game borders on the realm of insanity, thinking that humans have a fair chance against the best hunter in the universe.
Now with game breaking bugs they expect fans of Predator to be OK they will fix it when they get around to it. That is BS and a copout plain and simple. Fix the game and make it more of a realistic Predator experience and fix the bugs that everybody has been telling you about over and over and over again and don’t add shit just because you have a money making deadline if it is gonna take anything away from an already lackluster game in the eyes of many Predator fans.

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I agree with you there, They have been highly ignorant of most bug reporting over the past few months. But I have seen plenty of feedback that people have suggested be implimented. Status effects, Reduction of predator clicking, etc. They have done quite a bit to push towards what the community wants and what the game needs.

The problem is, the effort, as well as the product of this feedback is just as shallow as the game itself. Its disgusting and honestly sad.

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Normally I wouldnt but…

I told you so fam.